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      I had been on the plan with 450 minutes of voice (non peak non m2m) and 500 text messages.  I went online and changed my plan in the middle of a cycle, and the only change I made was to upgrade to unlimited text from 500 texts.  This should have increased my bill by 10 dollars plus a little more in taxes.


      However, since I made the change to the plan in the middle of a cycle, Verizon pro rates your minutes of your voice plan.  So if you make the change say 15 days into your 30 day cycle and have used 300 minutes, your minutes are pro rated and you now only have 225 minutes of voice time (half of 450 minutes since you are half way through the cycle) and will be charged the extra 75 minutes at full rate on minutes you have already used.  Considering that I did not make any changes to my voice plan I feel this was unfair, and the people at my local Verizon office agreed with me.  But the person i talked to on the phone (although nice and I have nothing against her personally)  just kept explaining that this was how it worked and tough to me.


      Had i actually made the change on the first day of the cycle, I would have been essentially charged full rate for ALL the minutes i had used so maybe I should feel lucky I was at least part way through the cycle.


      What I find really insulting, is that had I chosen to back date  the plan change I would have avoided these charges, but this was not spelled out when i made the change online.  What is further insulting is that had I called Verizon even after making the change but before they sent the bill, they STILL could have fixed it, but since the bill was sent they basically  just said there is nothing they could do which is a blatant lie.


      They also made it clear to me that had I just went into the store to make the change this would have all been explained to me and I would never have incurred the charge.  Hence the title.  ALWAYS GO INTO THE LOCAL OFFICE TO MAKE CHANGES!!!!


      This is extremely unfair and annoying.  Luckily it is only a $38.50 charge but this is just extortion.  For some this could end up being in the hundreds of dollars depending on the timing of the change.


          Similar thing just happened to me.  Changed voice service from unlimited to the 450min option a couple days before your post and due to a daily allowance was charged for 80+ minutes even though I only used 400 minutes over the month.  Why is there a prorating system instead of a balance of minutes.. or is this related to prorating service on new and ending contracts?  OR, why is this option even available?!  It's frustrating.


          The billing CSR I spoke with and now I agree it's not worth using the website to make adjustments to your plan.


            Just happened to me, too. 


            I almost always call CS but this time I thought I would save everyone some time and money and make a quick online change.  Wife now works from home - saw minutes going up, so got online and bumped my account to the 2000 shared plan before we exceeded our limit.


            Thought I read everything carefully, but I had not yet exceeded my minutes and obviously misunderstood what I read.


            Long and short is I got dinged for $80 in overage charges. Called CS today and they would not credit back - said it was my mistake and they are technically correct - BUT they admitted to understanding my intent and that is what REALLY bothers me. They understood my intent, but I made the wrong choice based on a questionable explanation, and they will gladly now keep my money. "So sorry for the inconvenience". This is a total bunch of **** - why don't they just remove the option of changing your plan online mid-cycle and force you to call. Because they would then lose all the money that they are making from people's honest mistakes made when presented with confusing information...


            I pay $300/month and have been with Verizon for 10 years. I will now recommend to all of my friends and family to avoid Verizon. I now regret my contract and the extra money I pay for their "service" when I could have 90% of the same coverage for 50% less money with another carrier. As soon as my contract is done, so am I done with Verizon....


              I change my plan every time online never have an issue. I like that you can change plan online.