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    Fascinate Data Problems...HELP


      Well, ever since I've had this Samsung Fascinate, it's been great. The first droid I've ever owned. It works fine and everything, except for one major problem.

      I leave my phone on WiFi for the majority of the day, seeing how I connect to the School's wifi and my home's wifi.

      When I want to get on Skype or something of the sort, I'll turn on Mobile Data, and then something weird happens to my phone.

      First, it will start backing out of programs, this is the main problem. Also, if not in any programs, it will pull up the menu over and over and it becomes hard to open any application or do anything.

      Another VERY annoying part of this is when I try to lock it(pressing the lock button), it takes a screenshot of the screen. It won't let me close it and the phone gets very hot.

      All I can figure is that maybe it's a bad phone, since I haven't seen another thread like this.

      But after having this problem for several months, the only fix I have is to turn Data off..

      So far, after months of this, I've realized two things :

      1. When this happens, it must press the Back button repentantly because if you hold the back button and the lock button, it takes a screen shot, hence the problem with taking random screenies.

      2. It only happens when I switch to mobile data, NOTHING else will trigger this reaction, the phone gets really hot, and there's no fix for it that I've found...

      Thanks for any help anyone can give! Do I need a replacement? Or does everyone have this problem?