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    Revolution Won't Send MMS


      My Revolution won't send MMS! I would like to fix this problem, but am unsure how. Please help.

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          Do you have an active cellular data connection (3G or 4G symbol) when you attempt to send a MMS message?

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            Hello ediepenh,


            Sending pictures is fun, creates memories, and is a big part of using our phones. If this did not work for me when using my phone, I would be upset and would want it corrected as soon as possible.


            Thanks very much, Ann154, for your suggestion. Ediepenh, have you been able to send a picture since posting? Are you able to receive messages? To test your incoming and outgoing capabilities for picture messaging, please send a picture to your own mobile phone. If you receive the picture, you are able to both send and receive pictures.


            If you are still having issues with this, please let me know by sending me a DM with your name, mobile number, and a contact nubmer to reach you. I will be happy to assist you further and provide you with a resolution. 




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              just dial *228 and press 1

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                That dial code doesn't work on 4G LTE devices.