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    Tower Locations


      Signal is kind of low inside my house. I'd like to get one of those Wilson Amplifiers, but I'm not sure where the actual Verizon towers are. Is there anyway to find out? Need to know so I know where to point the antenna.

      Failing that, my phone (Android, Samsung Stratosphere) does have a signal strength meter in it (dBm). What would be the best way to hold/point my phone to find the best direction of the towers?

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          you can try this site:




          however, it does not show ALL towers. just put in your zip code and see what you get.

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            Yeah, it can't be showing ALL the towers. The closest one it shows it 24 miles away.

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              Hello kturcotte,


              The bars that appear on the top right of your display show your signal strength. This sort of tells you how far away from a tower you are.


              For security purposes, it is not possible to release the information regarding the exact location of our towers. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is proprietary information.


              Verizon Wireless has many wireless towers throughout the service area and we are constantly looking to add towers wherever it may be necessary. At any given time, any of our towers may be in the process of being implemented and/or tested in order to ensure optimum performance.


              When indoors, if your signal is weak, you may want to consider going near a window, to see if the signal gets stronger. Indoor coverage is a challenge for all carriers, so this may help. Another option is to walk through your home with your phone in hand. You will see how the signal fluctuates, depending on your location inside the house. The structure of the home can also play a factor. For example, if your house is made of brick, the signal can be reduced for this reason. There are many factors at play.


              Here is a link to check the coverage in your area:




              Though you mentioned obtaining something different, you may be interested in a Network Extender, which provides you with a mini-tower in your home. This is an accessory that is suitable for customers in low coverage or marginal coverage areas. Here is a link to the details about Network Extenders.




              I trust this information is helpful. Have a good day!


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                My other post must have vanished into space!!  Let try again.  There is a new tower near my house that looks like it might be yours.  It looks complete, and has so for about 2 weeks, and has Verizon cables running to it.  Although I cannot understand how confirming such a tower is yours would endanger anything, I respect your security and would simple ask how long it would take for the tower to be in use.  Also, how long it will take for it to be on your coverage maps.  Finally, I must admit I really do not know what your wireless towers look like, so it might not help me with my basic problem of getting better wireless internet here in the country.




                James (aka rakitroub)

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                  ChristinaB_VZW wrote:



                  For security purposes, it is not possible to release the information regarding the exact location of our towers. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is proprietary information.

                  That is just plain wrong. Cell tower locations are not proprietary information and "security purposes" is a ruse as well. However, I will give the CSR the benefit of the doubt that they are reading from a script.


                  Cell towers and the associated radio equipment are regulated by the FCC, and the FCC provides a database dump of all cell tower locations in the US if you have a GIS mapping program to read the data file with.


                  Further, I believe that if you call them, the are required to tell you the nearest tower locations to your site. (I have to look up the CFR regulations to verify).


                  In my case, there is no service at all (not even 1x EVDO) at my site for a 1500 feet radius. The Network Extender is not an option (it is 3G only and Verizon only and requires reliable power and internet), so I am looking at my own tower and 5-band repeater to get site local service with all providers.