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    Grandfathered Alltel unlimited


      I have a 3G modem with a grandfathered unlimited plan that was just throttled.....they almost immediatly offered a 4G and said I would not be throttled...problem is there is NO 4G service here but that does not matter....A tech supoort rep also lied and told me I could get a 4G modem and keep my unlimited plan(I knew better but called back to veriy that I had been lied to)...so the end story is.....Verizon lied to and misled all of the Alltel unlimited customers that they bought in the aquisition and they are now trying to arm twist us into metered service. My wife is right now growing older waiting for the next page to load...yes it is that bad!! To add injury to insult they are going to hold the speed down for not one but TWO billing cycles....which is another lie since I was told that when the bill cycle rolled over it would be released. So to summarize.......They cannot give me 4G service...but they want to throttle my 3G unless I buy a 4G modem(which is useless here) and use it on the 3G network under metered billing and then I can use ALL THE BANDWIDTH I WANT..without impacting any other customers...but if I do it on an unlimited plan..it will impact the rest of you...ROFLMFAO...... if any 3G unlimited user wants to join with me in stopping this please message me as I will be filing an action on March 28.... my Wife gave up on the web page load and has decided to just go to bed.....

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          Well I have an Alltel Smartpack plan, have a 4G device in a 3G service area and am not throttled.


          What action are you looking to file????

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            breach of contract

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              How??? Ya can't sue. Unless a class action which you need a judge to approve. You could do a small claims, but again, I am an Alltel, well was an Alltel customer and was not lied to.


              When the switch came I came kicking and screaming bloody murder. But once VZW started billing my bill went down $10, I was able to upgrade early 13 months early to a Droid and keep my plan, Was able to get a 4G device to keep from being throttled and was able to add a couple months ago, unlimited hotspot/tethering. So ALL if used in court will get the case thrown out very quickly.


              You do not need 4G service, just a 4G device to bypass the throttling issue.They are offering you a very workable option, you just think it will not work. It does work.....


              Good Luck

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                They are not providing me with the service that they are being paid for and agreed to. I am not getting 3G speeds or able to do a simple browse on many sites..they simply wont load..many time out...On Sunday the speed was .09mbs....last check it was only .94 and still is unusable. According to the specification 3G is at least 1 mbs. Basically I had better luck with dial-up.

                They are intentionally trying to squeeze heavy users into metered service ..if you have not been throttled that means that you are not a heavy user. This connection is used for family internet service. It is a 3G modem...not a phone.

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                  And they can do that. They NEVER EVER stated, ;Unlimited at such and such a speed. It was unlimited data.


                  Since I now have an unlimited hotspot I now avg 7-8GB a month as that is my connection for my laptop 100% and tomorrow it will be my connection for an iPad also.

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                    >Attention: This thread will be moved to the Former Alltel Customer section as this is what is being discussed<

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                      Also this is not JUST an Alltel plan issue. ALL VZW subs who have a 3G device MAY be Optimized/Throttled (I do love how the word 'Optimized' is supposed to make it sound better) if in a congested area and use an amount VZW deems hurts the ability of others to use the system effectively.

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                        I can in fact sue...does not have to fall in a class..or be approved by a judge. I simply want the throttling stopped ..what gives you the idea  that you cannot sue is beyond me. I am glad that you have had a good experience...you are not in the group that would be interested. I agreed to the service and they agreed to provide it..they are now  not providing....If I switch to a 4G device I will lose the unlimited plan which is what they want....to force heavy users to metered service. If that was not the goal then they would not agree to allow heavy usage with a 4G device on a 3G network....ya see 3 or 4G has nothing to do with it as I would be using the same network irregardless.

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                          It was advertised as unlimited 3G....the 3G is the key..that is a specific thing minimum speed is 1mbs..I will be obtaining the specification for proof and verification of that. At the same time the service has to be usable.....mine is currently not usable as

                          many websites never connect and time-out. They do have an obligation to a paying customer even if they have some of you convinced that they can get away with anything they want.

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