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    Text messages from VZWNMN


      I just recently switched everything over to my Razor, in which I had a certified used phone mailed to me. I constantly get message from VZWNMN :1.


      Does anyone know what this message is supposed to mean or how to get rid of it?



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          i get those to but i added it to my blocked list and now it doesnt bother me - thank goodness i have unlimited txt though

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            Hi clavalleur20:


            I'm here to give you information about these messages, and help you resolve this issue.  Here's what I know about the issue:

            The 6250 message is a wake up message for the Sync & Connect email component of the Backup Assistant Plus (BUA+) service available on the device. If the device is capable and has the BUA+ client it should understand the 6250 message as the email alert update on the device and not display it as an unintelligible message. We are looking for reasons why the client may corrupt and display it as text. If the email end points are removed from the web (steps here) (see number 10 and 22) and then you re-add them on the device, it should correct the clients ability to interpret the email alert so it doesn't display as text. Give these steps a try, and the alerts should go away.


            I hope that helps fix the issue. Let us know any updates once you try these steps.





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              I just went to My Verizon and removed the Backup Assistant Plus from my account. Shouldn’t that also stop the messages?



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                It's ok to get Messages from Verizon once N while they can be Informative.  But dropping Back up assistance won't stop the Messages you will need to call C.S. an ask if they can block it. But i would say that can't be done but it don't hurt to ask...B33

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                  B33, Really? It's OK to get messages from "6250" that say only VZWMNM:1, then VZWNMN:2, and so on till you receive 30 to 35 in a few hours? These aren't notifications that your bill is available online or anything like that.


                  And yes: removing Backup Assistant does indeed stop those messages, at least it has for me for now. As I understand it the automatic sync software is what is sending those messages every time you receive an email. When you remove the Backup Assistant you also remove the auto-sync.


                  What makes you say that it doesn’t stop them? What reference do you base that statement on?


                  Thank you.



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                    Hi everyone,


                    I did not remove Back up assistant, but my phone starting acting strange and not updating my applications so I did a force reboot. Once I did this, all my apps would update and I never received any more texts with the VZWMNM.


                    I am sorry that is not more helpful, but I am so glad that it is fixed.

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                      Curious to see if there's anymore activity on this issue. Definitely appreciate Mike S's take on this issue. I've been through 5 Verizon techs so far - through Tier 2 of support. I'm trying this forum now, instead, because I'm getting tired of sitting on hold with Customer Service.

                      4 days ago I started receiving these VZWNMN:1 messages from 6250. I callled customer service and received a variety of answers in regard to stopping them:

                      #1.(Mario) I've blocked it for you, it will stop. - naturally, it didn't.

                      #2. (Kevin) send it to 7762 which is our Spam number and it will stop - naturally, it didn't.

                      #3. (Maria) it's part of back up assistant plus and if we remove back up assistant data and 'force close' the application on your phone, the messages will stop - again, no luck. I discovered - on my own - that if I removed all of the "additional" email addresses besides the gmail address my android is registered to, the text messages stopped. I did this in the interim because I do not have unlimited text messages and was getting upwards of 25+ VZWNMN messages a day.

                      #4. (Jasmine) told me to log into my verizon in the website and remove the back up assistant plus portion for email. easily was the most helpful tech yet. i did as she told me, and the messages DID stop - but upon attempts to re-load my alternate email addresses back onto my phone, began receiving the message "user has invalid status". I tried adding a yahoo and an additional gmail account through the email app on the phone. Both as a "yahoo" entry and as an "other" entry with no luck. Ended up letting Jasmine go and calling it a night because Tier 2 tech support was so busy I was on hold for 1/2 hour. Told them I'd call back the next day.

                      #5. (Paul) Tier 2 tech now. Very helpful, but, was unable to solve my issue. Told me to re-apply the Back Up Assistant email version to my account, and voila! My alternate email addresses were able to be loaded. BUT - the VZWNMN messages came back too. !@#$! Couldn't solve this issue.


                      So here I am, with JUST my android registered email address on my Razr, and no additional, because it isn't worth the maddening and constant text messages from Verizon about new emails. Why on earth was that a good idea? If you have a phone that has email capability, you ALSO have the ability to get notifications. These texts are worse than spam.

                      Any further advice? I've grown tired of spending all of my free time on hold with customer service, but would really love to have my two alternate emails back on my phone - sans VZWNMN texts.

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                        Same issue.  Has anyone from actually solved this problem yet?  It wasn't so bad a few weeks ago when it was just one or two messages a day.  Then it was one or two messages an hour.  Not it's way beyond that.  I've folled all the posts, turned on and off synch, removed and added email addresses, and still the problem is getting worse. 


                        Perhaps the real answer here is a switch to AT&T?

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                          According to Droid Life: The last two phones to have this issue were the Incredible 2 and Samsung Stratosphere. They said in there to check to see if you have BACKUP ASSISTANT PLUS. As these were the people targeted.

                          You can see if you have BACKUP ASSISTANT PLUS under your My Verizon.

                          Steps to find Backup Assistant Plus:

                          -Log into your MyVerizon account (best to do this on the computer)

                          -Go to the My Verizon Drop down

                          - Change Features

                          step 1.png

                          -Pick the phone you have


                          -Look for the Cloud storage Media Under that it has the BACKUP ASSISTANT PLUS make sure yours is not clicked.

                          ** I have already fixed mine and have not recived any txts. **

                          ***If yours looks like this already then let me know and I will try to do some more digging. ***

                          step 4.png

                          Follow the steps to finish the request.


                          Hope this helps.

                          Have a great rest of your day

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