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    Phone upgrade and apps


      I will be upgrading my original Droid soon (long overdue) to probably a Razr Maxx.  I am wondering if there is anyway of automatically transferring apps I've downloaded or purchased on my old phone.  Is there any way to transfer them automatically without manually reinstalling them?  What about any date those apps stored on my phone?



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          Go to "playgoogle.com" You'll have to sign in (your google account name and password). There go to "myapps." Here you will find all the apps that you have downloaded, even the ones that you have deleted. However, it's a one-at-a-time deal, so if you have a ton of apps, it will take time to get them all on your new Droid.

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            I'm guessing if there's data associated with those apps I could use the usb cable to copy the file from my old phone to my new one/


            What about bookmarks?  I did try to look through the files on my phone, but wasn't able to identify a bookmarks file.  Any suggestions?

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              Data or game progress are not associated with the application apk file. You can use a application like Backup Pro to save the application data and use it to restore it to the new phone.