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    Motorola Droid X2 Blank Screen


      I've had my Droid X2 for about 8 months.  For the past 3 days, when I turn it on (not power on, just try to use it) I intermittently get a blank screen, white filled with colored pixels.

      The phone is not frozen, it rings if a call comes in, and I can hear sounds as I try to navigate the screen, but I can't see anything.

      It's gotten much worse day by day, and is unusable.  I tried powering off & removing the battery with no real improvement.


      Is it worth trying a hard reset, or is the video shot? 

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          You could try that an seen if that would help. Have you done a battery pull or soft Reset that might Help.. If these two suggestion don't correct it i would call C.S. from either Verizon or Motorola an ask what your Options are. Good Luck B33

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              I'm having the same problem, but my device is a reconditioned replacement (that is only 2 weeks old!) for one of THREE Droid Xs that have died since November. I'm afraid if I call customer service, I'm going to explode in anger. I tried to do a factory reset, but the screen won't clear.

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                Good Afternoon bmcintyre51,


                I can understand how inconvenient it would be to have a screen that is not behaving consistently. I recommend verifying you have the most current software first. Additionally, you can try running the device in safe mode to determine if any third party apps may be causing the issue. As a final option, a hard reset may also resolve the problem. I have included links below to assist you.



                If the problem persists, your handset includes a one-year manufacture warranty.


                I hope this information is helpful in resolving your concerns.






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                  The same thibng is happening to my phone .. this is must be a software issue from the verizon side it started about 8 days ago.. the screen works fine for a few hours then it goes blank the battery is fine and fully charged. Took out the battery tried hard reboot .. doesnt come up the nav lights light up and screen is flashing .. Also saw the pixelated screen once or twice. This phone has worked perfectly until recently. This is not a reset issue.. something on the verizon side has changed.

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                    I am also having this problem. Replaced my lcd screen and digitizer. The phone starts up and everything seems fine, except the screen stays bright white with little color pixels all over it. Can't really make sure the software is up-to-date because I cannot view anything on the screen. Please help!