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    Razr Maxx screen wont stay on for more then 3 seconds


      So I got my droid razr maxx in today and this is the first smart phone i've ever owned. The screen keeps shutting off after 3 seconds and i have to press the power button to put the phone in idle and then press it again to bring the phone back in order to make the screen turn back on. Nothing else makes the screen turn back on but i can select everything on the screen as if it were on. I had to set up my entire account by quickly punching in my gmail account and password before the screen turned off on me and i had to go idle and come back. I had to do this straight through the setup phase of the phone. When i finally finished the setup i went into the settings and set the display setting to never turn the screen off. It didn't stop the screen from turning off. So i charged the phone to 100 percent from the 60 percent it came at. The screen still shuts off 3 seconds after i turn the phone on. Is it bricked ? Whats going on ?

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