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    Fake Verizon Account Alert?


      I just received a text message on my iPhone4 from an "unverified sender."  It said:


      (9179342324) Verizon

      Alert.Account Locked.

      Please click


      updates.com and update

      your login info.


      I looked up the website and it definitely looked fake (see below) and of course I didn't enter any user IDs or passwords.  You can't click on anything except to enter a User ID or Password and the Sign In button.  All other options are unclickable.  I went to my computer and logged into My Verizon just fine; nothing was locked, so I called customer service.  The rep told me the 917 # is a Verizon number but she couldn't tell if it was a land- or a cell phone line.  She was helpful and walked me though how to block texts from web and email, but it's still a little unsettling.  Has this happened to anyone else?  I've never received anything from an unverified sender before.



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          I have just received the same thing with the only exception that the number was 9171757544.  I spoke to the CS rep and they said, especially with the event of my finding this entry on your behalf it is a phishing/spam issue.  My account is not locked and it is "in good shape" as the representative told me on the phone.


          Thank you for your post.

          P.S. they did have me forward the message to 7726. They then responded asking the sender information.  I was walked through the procedure with the representative who instructed me to put the number in ( ) and then UnverifiedSender in the text line.  It is a way to report spam and fishing.

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            Just got one today, very similar:



            | V | E | R | I | Z | O | N |

            Account Frozen.

            Please click on

            http://m.wireless-update.com/ and update

            your login info.


            And one last week from a different number 917-436-0944 about $100 in walmart vouchers.


            Thanks for the tip to forward the message to 7726-- they directed me to send them then senders numbers, and block them from my account, but I need to call in as I'm already full on blocked numbers.

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              ANYTHING that tells you to "click" to connect regarding any account you may have is suspect.  Always go to the home page of whatever company using your own bookmark or address book and verify whatever they told you that way.  Some of these hackers nowadays are very talented and can re-create a company's home page so you think they are for real.

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                I received the same text on my iPhone this week except the phone number was different it was << phone number deleted to comply with Verizon Wireless Terms of Service >>   I feel somewhat slighted!   My account wasn't frozen, locked and I didn't get any free offers!   ;-(  


                What I did notice however was the go to website for Verizon didn't have the http(S) ... the missing 's' caught my attention right off the bat! 


                Do these scam artists think we are all really that stupid!   Sorry...I am making assumptions here!  


                Anyway, I have now reported this number to this forum.  << Please forward spam texts to 7726  >>  what do I do now?   Just delete this text from this wonderfully stupid phisher?   Maybe they will catch some groupie in Idaho, oh yeah we don't have groupie here, we only have white or squaw fish!   That's the bottom feeder fish we throw back!   Ha ha!     Happy phishing somewhere else!  


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                  Today I received the same message:


                  (Unverified Sender) 860 189 xxxx

                  VerizonWireless Notice.Account Locked.Please click http://m1.v-text-1 and update your login info


                  I searched the sender's number and it turned up in a list of India mobile numbers.




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                    I did call Verizon Technical Support about this as I have had this message as well. My suggestion is to call them and report it to them. For some unknown reason, they were unaware of this, so it's up to you to let them know to get it fixed.

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                      I would delete or block that specific person even though they'll probably try again with another number.

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                        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                        Hi tbtidmarsh,

                        Thank you for sharing this information. Please forward all phishing attempts to phishing@verizonwireless.com for us to investigate further. Please do not to click on the links provided as these links will take you to non-Verizon Wireless websites.

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