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    unlock motorola droid razr xt912


      Hello. Has bought phone on ebay with a binding to verizon (motorola droid razr xt912).Пользоваться I gather in Ukraine. But I can not include without this a card verizon.Есть possibility it разблокировать.MEID <personal information deleted per the Terms of Service.> .

      Excuse for bad English translated through the translator Thanks for attention this phone Very is pleasant but not that I can not make with it


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          It sounds like you purchased a Droid Razr that is locked to the Verizon Wireless network. This device is not a global device. It is not a GSM phone. Verizon Wireless will not unlock the phone.

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            And even if they could, you would need a Verizon account with at least (I think) 30 days of service.

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              Hello all,


              Teslo777, if Ann154's interpretation was inaccurate please clarify exactly what your concern is.  If she understood properly I would like to confirm the information she provided is accurate.  Thank you Ann154!    I would also like to provide clarity for demmo86rt's comment.  If a device is able to be unlocked the customer would need to be a Verizon Wireless customer and the device being unlocked must be activated on a Verizon Wireless line of service for at least 60 days.  The account must also be in good standings for the past 60 days.  Thank you Demmo86rt for adding as well!  Teslo777 please let me know if you have any additional questions.  Thank you. 




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