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    My verizon app issue




      I previously enjoyed using the my verizon app on my other android devices but have not been able to use it on my galaxy nexus. 


      When trying to sign into the app or widget I am given a message that says "alert: username and password do not match"...


      I can verify that this is the correct username and password as I have changed both trying to fix this issue. I have also tried restarting the phone, uninstalling the update and reinstalling the update, force stop, and clearing the cache. At this point I have run out of ideas as I havent been able to sign in for days.


      Thank you in advance.


      Edit: This issue also prevents me from signing into the nfl mobile app.  I am trying to enter the name and password that I log into my online verizon wireless profile. Am I incorrect and should be using a different login? I have the "verizon login" app installed on my phone. I cant access it or open it but I see that its installed under settings. Is this causing the problem? because I cant reinstall an app that I already apparently have.

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