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    Help with Samsung Stratosphere?


      Okay so I just got my phone almost 2 weeks ago. I has already restarted twice and is very slow and sometimes the call quality is terrible.

      Should I get another Stratosphere or just a new one all together?

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          Hi rdg213!


            I have a few questions for you. When did it first start having these issues? Did your Stratosphere perform as expected at any point in time? Can you recall installing any apps before these issues arose? If it has been like this since go I would give *611 a call and have a them troubleshoot your phone. Make sure that you call from a different phone so that they can troubleshoot your handset. Definitely take action before you are outside of your 14 day "Worry Free Guarantee" if your heart is set on a new phone. From what I have heard, the Stratosphere is a solid phone, you may have just gotten a lemon (it happens in these days of mass production).

             If you are already outside of that 14 day period, I would still call *611 (800) 922-0204, and get them to troubleshoot it, if they decide that it is a manufacturer's defect they will issue you a certified like new replacement. Personally I prefer the certified like new phones better because I know that they have been rigorously tested and are known to be functional at the time of shipment. Not everyone feels that way, but, that's just my personal opinion.


          Good Luck!

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            I have a lot of questions and I am finding NO answers. I can not believe how user-unfriendly all of Verizon Wireless is. / Some of my questions:

            1.) How do I delete all e-mails at once?

            2.) How do I move all photos to my computer at once?

            3.) How do I arrange icons and front pages?

            4.) How can I get the alarm to only vibrate or to sound very softly?

            5.) How can I play a video from my web site?

            6.) How to add contacts with incoming e-mail easily?

            Those are less than half of my questions.

            I've wasted a lot of time trying to find even the first inkling of answers on so-called online 'support'.

            Thank you.

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              Good Afternoon liveaboard,


              Wow you defnitely sound frustrated with your device. I will provide answers to each of your questions below.


              • To delete all of your e-mails, you will need to access the specific e-mail client you are using and select the checkbox next to each e-mail. Once they are checked, select "delete" and the e-mails will cleared.
              • The best way to move all of your photos at once is to use the memory card and a compatible card reader for your computer.
              • I have attached links to assist you with changing your home screens and widgets. http://bit.ly/GLyjF4, http://bit.ly/GLyjF4. The simulator tool for the Stratosphere is an excellent support option for multiple tasks.
              • The alarm settings are under your "Clock" app. Select the Applications icon on the home screen, the Clock, Create Alarm. The additional options for sounds and volume are in the setup screen when you select the date and time.
              • You should be able to play a video from your website by clicking the specific link similar to other websites. If there is a problem playing videos from only a specific website, our control may be limited.
              • You can add an e-mail address for each of your contacts by or directly to your contacts by clicking the name of the sender next to the "from" field once you open the e-mail itself. Once you select the name, the add to contacts option will populate.


              I hope this information was helpful.





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                A small success!

                I was able to open the protective cover and then the back cover to remove the Micro Card and insert it into my Belkin card reader ... and, wow, DOWNLOAD to iPhoto.

                BUT: 1.) The photo quality is nowhere near as good in iPhoto as it is on the Samsung. Can this be remedied?

                     and 2.) There are still 76 photos on the Micro Card. How do I clear that? In one swipe 'delete' from the phone?


                "Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates

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                  You might also find answers to some of your questions in the full user manual for the Stratosphere, located at http://cache.vzw.com/multimedia/mim/stratosphere/stratosphere.pdf

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                    I have two questions myself with the Stratosphere (and I have read the manual).  1)How do I reduce the intesity of the vibration when the phone is in silent mode?  2) How do I receive a LED notification when I receive a text, call, email, etc.?



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                      Does the Stratosphere even have an LED notification light? I don't think it does. Samsung likes to "forget" to include the notification light on many of their phones.

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                        I just checked the manual from the link posted above (Thanks!). The Samsung Stratosphere doesn't have a LED notification light. You can use some third party applications from the Play Store to substitute for the light. Search for "No LED" and you should get some options.

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