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    How do I deactivate an iPhone 4s ?


      I have a Droid 2, but I recently bought an iPhone 4s off of a buddy of mine. However, it still has a number assigned to it. I can deactivate my Droid 2 by going through my My Verizon account, but his I obviously cannot. Is there anyway I can deactivate the iPhone 4s from the mobile device ? I was going to deactivate my Droid 2 and the iPhone 4s at the same time and then simply call *228 from the iPhone 4s to reactivate it under my number. Any suggestions ?

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          When you deactivate your old phone through your MyVerizon account you need to also activate another phone. The option is called "switch or activate new device". You would put in the ID number of of the new phone and follow the instructions.



          Before you do make sure that the previous owner of the phone has activated another device on the line that the iphone was on previously.