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    Battery losing charge while plugged up to charger


      In the past few days, I have had a new problem arise with my Droid Incredible 2.  I have had my phone for about 8 months.  In the past few nights, I have plugged up my phone as I have done for the past 8 months.  The phone typically has about 40-50% charge remaining when I plug the phone in to the wall.  When I plug the phone in, I make sure the battery icon shows it as charging.  (FYI: Typically the battery icon changes to have a lightning bolt inside of it and it fills from right to left over and over again until it reaches a full charge.)  After confirming the phone is charging, I fall asleep.  When I have woken up the past few mornings, my phone has been powered down, and the battery charge indicator light is not on.  I can unplug the charger and plug it back in and the battery indicator light will turn on.  I have to allow the phone to sit for a minute before it will finally power on when I push the power button.  Once the power is on, the battery icon does not show as charging, and I get a message that the battery is too low and I need to run on AC power.  After about an hour of leaving the phone connected to the charger, the battery icon changes to the typical charging icon as described above.  I have pulled up the battery status and history (which is a factory installed phone application).  If you have a Droid Incredible 2, look under Settings > About Phone > Battery > Battery Use.  The battery use screen has a chart that shows the % battery life remaining on the y-axis with time on the x-axis.  It also shows a summary of the main processes running on your phone.  On nights when I have had this problem occur with my phone, the chart has looked like the one in the picture attached.  Notice, the phone shows it was charging at the bottom of the screen, but the battery life remaining in the chart is crashing to 0%.  Where the battery life begins to increase again is when the phone suddenly decided to start charging again.  After showing this chart to a Verizon employee, and telling them my story, the employee went on to say that it looked like it could possibly be the battery.  They performed a battery test. (FYI: A battery test at my local Verizon store consists of powering my phone off, and fully charging the phone then calling a special number that would supposedly pull the battery power down a certain amount after a certain amount of time.)  Unfortunately the battery test showed that the battery was good because it charged normally, and it depleted normally when the phone call was made.  No quantitative measurements were taken to determine if the battery was good or bad.  Even though the Verizon employee agreed that it may be my battery from looking at the chart attached, he said they could not replace my battery under their warranty because their policy did not allow them to replace the battery unless it tested bad in their test.  The employee eventually suggested that I should uninstall some apps (which have been on my phone for a long time) because they might be causing the problem.  Does anyone have any advice on what the problem could be?  Does anyone know who I could contact at Verizon to discuss a policy change?  If a phone has a factory installed application that can monitor battery power, then the phone supplier should be able to use that information to determine if the battery is good or bad.  Otherwise there is no point in having that feature on the phone.  Someone please give me some help!

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          Is the charger you are using plugged into a wall outlet or a computer USB port?

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            It is plugged into a wall.  My wife and I have the same phone so I used her charger one night, and I traded batteries with her another night.  The problem still occurred, so I came to the conclusion that something is wrong with the phone internally.  I have since spoken to a rep at another Verizon store, and I have a new phone on the way.  However, now I am having a problem with people complaining that when they call me they get a message from Verizon on the other end that says the call cannot be completed as dialed.  I can still receive text messages though.

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              Wierd.  I just started having the same problem.  Exactly.  I thought it was just a loose connection issue.

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                I am having the same problem with my phone too thought it was a loose connection in the power port but looks it more than just that i got a replacement phone about a month ago and now the replacement just started doing the same thing now have another replacement on its way. Do a search on the internet for incredible2 not charging and you will find out this is a big problem that HTC is not doing anything about.

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                  My daughter's phone is doing that too. It started on the 13th. She is on her 4th or 5th incredible 2 as something always goes wrong and it always stops charging. HTC or Verizon needs to do something about it.

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                    Same thing happening here....already on my third incredible

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                      Hello and thank you to the community members for assisting dllowrey.


                      dllowrey, it seems that you have gone through so much troubleshooting. I am sure it can be frustrating for this issue to persist after excessive troubleshooting. I would like to personally assist you with your device, please send me a private message with your name and mobile number and I will contact you.


                      Looking forward to your reply.


                      Lena A.

                      Follow me on Twitter @VZWSupport

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                        Lena-It seems this is happening quite a bit.  My phone has been acting the same way for about 2 wks now.  I went to the Verizon store & they were little help.  They suggested I contact Assurian (insurance) about a replacement phone.  I tried a different USB cable & wall charger (sold by verizon) which works intermittently.  I am currently signed onto the Assurian website about to order the replacement phone & pay the shocking $99 deductible...when it looks as though is is a very widespread problem. 

                        I have found other forum entries noting overheating of the battery & I haven't yet looked for anything about my phone not syncing when hooked up to my computer.  There is something clearly wrong with these phones & we should not be responsible for paying a deductible!! 

                        Do you know of what other channels can be taken to resolve this issue? This is beginning to look like a product liability issue...

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                          I contacted Verizon by phone & explained my issues. I am currently updating my phone, the Rep is going to involve the next level of support.  He said the phone should NOT be overheating which could be a battery issue or a corrupt file causing it to overheat.  Also, the charging port SHOULD be functioning & charging the battery.  They are sending out a replacement phone.

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