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    If I'm connected to Wifi, why am I using data?


      I'm connected to Wifi both at home and at work.  Why is my phone using data at all?  The times indicated are when my phone is at home, or at work.   My understanding is that if I'm connected to Wifi, I should not be using data.  I also don't understand WHAT is using data.  I am not yet connected to any email and I have not initiated any apps, that I know of.


      Can anyone answer this for me?  Thanks.

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             All smartphones use data in the background, sometimes to sync with your email accounts and social networking accounts to see if there is new mail or status updates, things of that nature. Unless you disable your 4g/3g data connection there is a chance that applications are using data in the background via 3g/4g. Some apps are designed to only use 3g/4g data. If you are connected to Wi-fi, the bulk of your data usage will run through that connection and not detract from your data allowance.

              Where/how are you checking your data  usage? I have heard that the data monitor on your handset can be out of sync. not discerning whether you are using wifi or Verizon data.

              Hopefully this helps clear up your concern.



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            Good Morning dblum,


                I just saw your bump this morning and it made me think of one other possible culprit, you are using a Blackberry. Blackberry's are designed to always check email, or more accurately, the blackberry mail system is constantly pushing info to your email. RIM uses a "real-time" data push to make sure that you recieve email as soon as it is sent through their servers. Just one other possibility..

              Out of genuine curiosity, where/how are you seeing a time-stamp on your data consumption? I would sure like to take a look at mine.




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              have you turned off the network connection and just have WiFi on? If you haven't turned off the network connection...then you are still using data.

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                How much data are you talking about?  I use wi-fi a majority of the time on my BB Bold, but if I am driving or out shopping, and get emails or other communications (BBMs, check my bank balance, etc) it will use the Verizon network.  It all amounts to less than 100 MB (usually less than 50 MB) a month, well under the 2 GB minimum required plan.  Even when I was in an area that has no wi-fi connection, my data usage was less than 100 MB in a month.  Why are you concerned?


                As others have said, you can turn off the network and only use the wi-fi, but you will lose BBM, calling, texting, any phone function that requires you to be connected to the Verizon network services.

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                  Hello dblum,


                  As I was reading the forum, I noticed that other community members were giving you some excellent information about using wi-fi on your device. As stated previously, when a device is connect to a wi-fi network, all data functions are taking advantage of the wi-fi network's connection. In some circumstances, it may use the 3G/4G data package that you may have, depending on the functionality being requested by the user. May I ask what make and model device do you have?


                  Just to share my personal experience, I currently have a Verizon iPhone 4S that I use daily to watch Youtube videos and listen to internet radio while at work. (Don't tell my boss! lol) I connect my device every morning to my company's wi-fi and I am able to stream music and videos without using any of my data allowance. As a customer, I once had the same concern that you are expressing, which is why I decided to test it in addition to the training that we get as employees. In the case of using wi-fi, most functions, unless a 3rd party app specifies, will use wi-fi over 3G/4G. I hope my example helps clarify the answer for you.


                  Thank you...



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