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    Faulty update?


      This morning I woke up to a pending update for my droid 2 global, so I accepted it. At this point my phone had been on the charger while I slept and I would say was in full working order I could see my background, that I had several text unanswered and I decided I would check them all after the update. I figured the update would take a while so I dropped back into sleep. When I awoke again I was greeted by a black screen Bootloader D0.11 err:a5,70,00,00,23 battery ok ok to program, connect usb data cable ( I had unplugged the phone at this point.) After powering it on and off after removing the battery I googled it, I won't lie and say I looked all over because I dropped 400 bucks to get this phone as my first phone on my own phone plan exactly a year ago i didnt pay to be a researcher. . . that said most of the google results come back to I have a short somewhere in my phone, but my phones never met with a watery incident so I checked the water damage indicator and its fine. SO I am coming straight here in hopes of finding a solution that doesnt involve signing up for 3 different websites and playing tech support for myself, after all thats what we pay verizon for and asurion. At the same time as instanteous as my phone died I would like it replaced, so wish me luck after my coffee I am heading to a store if I haven't found a solution.