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    LG Extravert, my experience, not so good


      I'd like to share my experience with the LG Extravert with anyone considering adopting this Ver 1.0 hardware. Bottom line, don't.


      First issue: VZ Navigator suddenly only half works.. The VZ Navigator just up and stopped getting GPS data while navigating to a destination. It could find my current location, find destinations and calculate routes to them. But once it started to navigate to the destination, the goofy graphic shows a red box with "NO GPS" in the box and the graphic would never update as I drove toward the destination. I discovered the issue when I drove past the exit and had to drive around blind while fighting with my navigator trying to understand why it didn't tell me to take the exit. The device functioned properly at the local company Verizon store, but the sales/tech guy told me that they had the strongest repeater literally right over my head. Why that should matter is beyond my understanding of this hardware. The store was out of phones so they had to ship one to my house 4 days later (of course this was a Fri. night). The new one seems to be working ok, but for how long? No one could even hint at why it stopped working.


      Second issue: I too experience the phone reducing images to 160X120 before sending them off. Funny thing is, that file was still 270K or so, which is the size of the 1600X1200 file as well (as someone else also pointed out). So this isn't saving bandwidth or anything like that, just stupidity. This is simply sloppy work on LG's part and should be fixed by software. But we all know it probably won't or it will take months or years.


      Third issue: Custom message tones. If you look at your contacts, you'll see that each contact can not only have a custom ringtone, but also a custom message tone (msgtone). However, when I set a custom tone and save, the phone somehow reports back that the ringtone and msgtone are now the same. But, when the contact sends a msg, I get the default tone. Not the custom tone I tried to set or the custom ringtone (as reported in the contact details). This feels to me like a half-baked, partially implemented "feature" that got lost somewhere in alpha testing by offshore resources. Another irritation brought about by adopting Version 1.0 of a device.


      Fourth Issue:  USB charging cable. I'm happy to see that mobile devices are finally settling in on a std. charging port, the mini USB. HOWEVER, this device HATES to be charged by any other than it's own cable. The WHOLE POINT of having all my devices use the same type of cable is so that I can carry one cable in my briefcase, keep one cable in the kitchen, put one of the nightstand next to the bed and be able to charge any of my devices from any location. Not this one though, complaint after complaint when it's not on its very own, proprietary cable. To the point where it will report that it's charging, but when you unplug, dead battery. What's so complicated about accepting 5V DC down a pin? There's only 4 freaking connections for USB and I'm thinking that those four are all doing to same thing no matter what you plug into (laptop, wall block, desktop) because there's a standard for this type of thing. Sigh, just another "why are you doing this to me" frustration with gear pushed into the market before it's ready.


      Bottom line, this piece of **** is going back to Verizon and I just might be forced into a smartphone because I really need a QWERTY keyboard to be effective at communicating with these things and the only alternative I really see is the Stratosphere (?), which is also an LG product. So, if I switch off to that device, look for another rant from me, as I'm sure to dig up all the irritations and bugs with that one too.


      Hope this helped someone out there. Good luck.

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          your not the only one very unhappy with the extravert. I thought this would be a good buy. boy was i a sucker. because there is no new updates for this phone my phone memory can not empty. I wish i could go exchange it but since i live where there is not a verizon store i am *******. have to stick with my old flip phone.

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            So how's the phone for texting and talking? Don't really need it for the things you've listed.

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              I,m having all of the above problems as well....(I posted about pictures resizing) and am having the same problem with ringtones....no matter what I set...it goes back to the default acoustic guitar sound...I might take mine back too...and argue heavily about the $35 restocking fee.....the picture thing is a real pain to me!   Obviously none of this was explained to me....especially the part about the phone not using the 3G network...but the old 1X network....they definitely overlooked lots of stuff with the software....didn't know it was a 1.0 version.....so we are the testers!!!!    we should get them for free for being the testers and especially for all of the inconvenience...we shouldn't be searching for fixes for basic cell phone tasks!!!

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                "because there is no new updates for this phone my phone memory can not empty"



                LG released an update two months ago. An LG moderator posted what the update addressed:





                "1. Memory issue

                2. Fixed touch is wrong behavior

                3. Add option to Re_send MMS to failed recipients

                4. New PRL 57011

                5. Update Opeara mini browser(189 --> 191)

                6. Reset when MMS receive after Spanish set

                7. Occurred noise to mono headset connect to MP3 play


                As far as I can tell, the Camera issue wasn't addressed.  It takes awhile for the Trouble Ticket to work it's way through the system, so maybe they didn't get it in time for this update."

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                  1) GPS in cell phones is very picky, its not just THIS phone. Many of them, especially in low power devices like this have a hard time maintaining the GPS signal inside certain vehicles where the roof interferes with many of the satellite signals, indoors, or in a downtown with a lot of taller buildings blocking GPS satellites. This phone does not have the power to "predict" where you are and update accordingly. This is not the fault of this phone.


                  2) Again, this is a low power phone AND as typical for most images sent via texts, images are reduced to reduce network load on Verizons network. The ONLY way to get around this is to get a smartphone AND one that can send the picture to the social network, photo album or whatever via 3G/4G. Even with an Android for example, send a pic via text and it is still reduced. Send the pic via 3G/4G and it usually stays full size.


                  3) call/message tones: Check with Verizon and LG for a software or firmware update, older phones have this issue, my newer one (VN271) does not.


                  4) Charging: I have this exact same issue. I have to charge it either connected directly to a PC, or use the supplied AC/DC charger. I have a USB hub (with power connected) that I use for multiple devices (my phone, bluetooth earpiece, wifes phone, mp3 players, etc) and I can be at 1/2 battery, charge it all night on that USB hub and the battery is dead despite "charging" 6-8 hours, even with the original cable that came with the Extravert. Even if I use a different AC/DC charge liek what came with other Verizon phones, same thing happens as if the pins are reversed or something else causes a drain instead of charge. THIS one really needs to be fixed.

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                    Get this for a fix.  I have not received ANY updates from VZW nor LG, but I did notice the VZW has now removed the LG Extravert as a supported phone on the VZ Navigator web site.  I guess that helps out new users who can NOW see that it doesn't work, but what about those of us who have already purchased the phone - REAL NICE VZW.


                    - Allen

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                      Oh great! Im expecting this same phone on Wednesday. I can't believe all Im reading. My God, it was ONLY option vs cancelling my 10 yr contract or going to a smart ph. Im glad to be reading all this now before ph even gets here. Thxs very helpful post.

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                        LG and/or VZW just release the V5 software update for this phone.  I did the OTA download and apply and I am not sure what fixes are included but the VZ Navigator issue is NOT one of the fixes.  Come on VZW address the issue - PLEASE.


                        PLEASE - Allen

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