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    HTC Incredible 2 - Will Not Turn On


      This just became a problem last night. I have had the phone for approx 6mos with no issues. There is no water damage and has not been dropped. It has always been in a protective case.


      All of a suddent the screen went black, but the home keys were still lit. The display would not turn on, so I powered it down. Then it would not turn back on. I did a soft reset by removing the battery with no luck. I then held the power and volume for kicks, and it brought up a screen I have never seen before. It gave me options to toggle to reboot/reset/factory reset/ and another option I didn't recognize. I selected to reboot it and it circled through the HTC home screen, then to the Droid screen and then black and then right back through it. I removed the battery and it will not turn on at all. When it is plugged into the charger the charging light will not turn on. I have exhausted my options and am hoping for some guidance. Thanks!

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          The same exact problem happened with me! It randomly went blank and when I tried to turn it back on, it went to the HTC screen and that's it. I cut the phone back off and when I pressed the power button, it would NOT charge. I called Verizon and they sent me a new phone. I've had this phone for two weeks with an Otter Box on the phone and now I'm having the same exact problem with the new device. I called Verizon again to complain about the Droid Incedibles. They are going to send me another phone. Apparently the Droid Incredible is not so Incredible.

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            Yeah they sent me a new one too. I ended up taking it to a Verizon store and they confirmed that the software fried. So they had a new one sent to me, and it actually came a few days early which was great!