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    Are 4G users eligible for 3g Network Extenders?


      I've been getting very bad coverage, dropped calls, missed calls, etc around my house ever since I started with Verizon earlier this month.


      I just got off the phone with a Verizon tech support representative who told me the following things:

      1. If I am getting insufficient voice coverage in my home, I can be let out of contract without an ETF.  I had her note this in my account.

      2. If they are getting insufficient voice coverage in my home (as determined by an engineer), customers with 3g devices are eligible for free or discounted network extender devices.

      3. Customers with 4G devices are not considered eligible for network extender devices - not only would they not give me one, even if they find that signal is lacking, but they would not provide support for one that I bought on my own.  I asked for clarification, and this was again stated to me as the case.

      4. That means that if I am getting bad coverage to my home, the only option that Verizon offers me as a 4G device owning customer is to cancel service, but 3G customers are offered the network extender.


      I find this to be a very strange/insane policy, can a Verizon rep on here confirm this?

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          John Getzke

          Verizon simply does not have a network extender that supports 4G.  No other service provider has a compatible device to my knowledge.  Its a technology constraint at the moment.  I'm sure VZW will offer one eventually.


          However, the industry is catching up.  Newer boosters and antennas are coming out all the time which support the 4G LTE signal.  3Gstore.com has a few of them if you want to take a look.  You can contact the 3G store with questions before you buy.



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            I'm not asking if I can get 4g coverage with a network extender.  I'm asking why (per what I was told by a Verizon technical support rep) having a 4g device (that can also operate on a 3g network) with terrible voice coverage outright disqualifies me from getting a network extender to get better voice coverage in my house.  I almost always have 4g turned off on my device anyway, so I don't care all that much about 4g coverage - I care about not dropping calls constantly.

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              John Getzke

              Ah, I think I misread your original post.


              It does sound unusual that they would not provide you with a network extender BECAUSE you have a 4G device.  The only explanation I can think of would be that the Network Extenders do not communicate with SIM card devices.  All 4G LTE devices from VZW use SIM cards and the technologies may be incompatible with the old GSM style extenders.  I have no proof for this theory though.


              You might want to try a different rep to see if you can get a better response.  Make sure that your emphasis is on Voice calls and not Data so they do not interperet your request as one to support 4G LTE.

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                That seems like the best course of action, thanks!

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                  Just to throw in my two cents worth, I recently upgrade my HTC Incredible to a Droid Razr.  I have a 3G Network Extender.  When I first got the Razr it worked fine with the NE.  Now however, I'll show 4-5 bars of 3G services but the #48 to check for network extender coverage says you're not under the network extender and if I make or receive calls the signal drops to 1-2 bars and the call doesn't go through the extender.  I just finished a long painful experience with VZW support and one of the network guys finally fessed up that it's just an artifact of having the mixed CDMA and LTE networks.  Sometimes it'll work and other times it won't.  I even tried leaving the phone in 3G only mode and that still didn't work.  So I think my next move is to try something from Wilson or zBoost.

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                    I have a galaxy nexus and im using a extender and all i good but its only in 3g thats the only set back

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                      I was just thinking to buy a network extender, i have LG revolution 4G and 3G iphone4S, the LG has a terrible indoor signal in my place, calls gets disconnected but my 3G phone when even has one bar or two still has a good call quality inside. Since i been reading these posts, i figured that 4G are terrible for indoor usage for now until Verizon 4G signals gets better next few years perhaps. Dont get me wrong, my LG 4G speeds is great in outdoors and call quality as well. For now i cant continue having terrible voice quality inside my home and i might change the phone for 3G type.

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                        I've had a network extender for a couple of years. Upgraded to a 4G Droid RAZR a few months ago while my wife and son continue to use 3G phones. The NE is in my office. I cannot use my Droid in close proximity to the NE or it drops calls all the time. If I go downstairs and into the dining room, I'm fine, but anywhere in close proximity to the NE, like the family room or the garage, and the call drops.


                        Pull the plug on the NE and no calls are dropped on my 4G Droid.

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                          Pretty sure you can set your phone to cdma only and it would work, i would call vzw to confirm though


                          $250 is a pretty big investment for something that might not work

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