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    Iphone 4s wifi connection problem


      I have a iPhone 4s. The phone seems to stay connected to wifi for a minute or two then switches over to 3g. I have been in the same area with other people who are using a android smartphone and they never lose their wifi connection. Has anyone else experienced this?

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          To attempt to fix this problem follow the following steps:


          1: Go to Settings.

          2: Tap General.

          3: Scroll to the bottom of the "General" list, and tap Reset.

          4: Tap Reset Network Settings.


          After the iPhone resets the network settings, your iPhone will reboot. Attempt then to reconnect to the WiFi network.

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            First thank you for responding to my post. I did the steps that you posted and it worked on Sunday but today Monday I am experiencing the same problem. Is this normal or should I have my phone looked at?

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              I am sorry for such the delayed response;

              Those are the steps the Apple provides to consumers. I recommend you to get your iPhone examined by a Verizon Wireless technician, or you may call Verizon Wireless Consumer Customer Service & Technical Support at (800) 922-0204.

              If they fix the problem with a different method, please let me know.


              Thank You.