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    File access / transfer issue - MTP, PTP, bluetooth


      I'm having issues transferring files from my Galaxy Nexus to my PC. First, here are the config of the two -



      Galaxy Nexus - Verizon LTE

      USB debugging enabled


      PC - Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit.

      Samsung ADB driver 1_4_6_0 installed.



      When I connect the GNex to my PC via usb on MTP mode, all the folders show up but other than Camera, music, movies etc, other folders don't show their content...!! For example,


      1) the TitaniumBackup folder. When I browse it using ES File explorer on my cell, that folder shows lots of files, all having read permissions. But the same folder in PC window shows up empty.


      2) The apps backup that I created using ES Backup, located at sdcard\backup\apps - shows up on phone but not on PC.



      I even connected the cell on PTP mode. But then only camera folders show up. Duh, PTP IS camera mode.


      So, other than Pictures, Music and Video, I'm not able to move/copy any other file from GNex to my Pc. Geeeez, that's what MTP stands for. Media Transfer Protocol. It can't handle anything else....!!!



      Next I paired my PC and GNex over bluetooth. And lo n behold, all the files show up. Pretty. But now it is "You can look but you can't touch" drama. If I try to copy anything, I get service not available error. Aparently, "Bluetooth peripheral device" driver is not installed. I tried to update those [showing up with yellow ! marks on Device manager], but no results.


      Anyone else facing these issues? Any solutions? Thanks in advance guys.

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          Not necessarily a solution, but perhaps another option.


          I haven't tried to connect my Nexus a computer via USB yet. However I do connect it via Wifi.


          I use ES File Explorer and create a new LAN connection. You can have the application same for a new server. When it finds the ip address of your computer, log in with your computer username and password. Navigate to the folder on the computer or create a new one. Then you can copy and paste files from "local" phone to the "LAN" computer.


          Hope this helps.

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            How do you create a LAN connection between your cell and PC? On ES File explorer, I select "LAN" from the drop-down snd then menu > New > Scan. It doesn't find anything. Then I try to manually add my PC. I provide my PC's ip address and username password on the prompt. It still gives failure. Both PC & GNex are on same wifi network and connected via usb as well. What am I doing wrong?


            Also, now I'm seeing that when I connect the GNex to my PC, the folders are showing old files; even deleted files; but not new files created since last time I had connected it to the PC. I cleared the system cache and tried connecting it to different port too.. No luck...

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              I know this is an old thread, but if you happen to be using Windows 7, bikram, before what you are doing will work in ESFile Explorer you must set Permissions on your Win7 PC to allow the Android device to access it, or it won't work. Create a profile for your android device, and give it a login password just like you would create a new user profile for a family member. Then, use THOSE login credentials when you set up the LAN access and provide your PC's IP address. That should let you in. You must also set permissions to share "every" folder on the PC you want to access with the device's profile. Aren't "permissions" a hoot? :-/

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                The method I wrote above was what I use to connect to a Win7 machine. I just use my Admin login and password. Most of the files that I am transferring from or to are in the Library folders that Windows 7 created.

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                  why not use 'WiFi File Transfer"?