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    Uniden cordless phones, Verizon Home Service, and menu systems issue


      Greetings All !


      Not sure if anybody else is experiencing this ?:


      We dumped AT&T for our home phone line and went with Verizon Home service about two months ago.


      Two incidents have tipped me off to an issue:


      1) We received new debit cards from our bank.  We had to call an 800 number and register the cards in order to activate them. Dispite multiple attempts at typing in our card numbers, each of us were unable to do so.... but ONLY when we used our home phones / Verizon Home.   If we called in via our CELL phones and typed in the debit card numbers, the system recognized them on the first attempt.


      2) I remember, the first day that Verizon Home service was working for us (we had to wait for our phone number of 13+ years to be transferred over), I called into the Voicemail system and reset the password.  I even wrote it down on a 3 x 5 card which is still sitting next to the phone.  I called in once to make sure it was working... and I think I even had a voicemail once on there and managed to get in to listen to it.   However, for the next SEVERAL WEEKS, I was totally unable to access voicemail.  It would always complain that I wasn't entering a valid password.  I tried this from multiple handsets within the house.  Same thing.    


      (At this point, I tried logging onto MyVerizon, where it said our home phone # was registered, but I didn't know the password... and password reset emails never arrived to me.  In frustration, I did nothing for several weeks.  Left the stupid single voicemail on there.  We have a home answering machine that we PREFER, but we can't turn off the stinking MyVerizon voicemail.  Our answering machine is set at 4 rings.  The only other option in its configuration is 2 rings, which is way too short.   But I did finally check my WIFE's computer today and found that she'd been getting all the MyVerizon password reset emails. <sigh> )


      So I finally managed to reset the voicemail password today. I immediately called back into it to test.  From one Uniden handset (the one that's tied to our answering machine base), Verizon complained about the password being bad... on SEVERAL / ALL attempts.   I went upstairs and tried another handset.  It failed the first three times, but magically finally WORKED the fourth time.  (And, of course, an attempt to call into that line's voicemail from my cell phone worked first time.)



      We never had any problems with other companies' phone-menuing systems recognizing tones from our home phones before.   We've dialed into voice-menuing systems and have typed in account numbers and credit card numbers several times while owning these phones... PRIOR to getting Verizon Home... without ANY instances of such issues.


      But now it seems like I can't trust using my home phone line to call into anybody's menuing system.  It's like, the other systems don't recognize the tones correctly ?!?!


      These phones are all the same Uniden models that you'll find for sale at Walmart right now. Uniden DECT 1560's.   We have four such units (all on the same phone line, of course).



      I did some Googling and didn't find anything.  So I thought I'd post this here and see if anybody else has experienced this sort of thing.





      -= Dave =-