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    Contract change without consent


      Am I the only Verizon customer that had their account changed without their consent? Then was lied too and promised that while this is being researched, they'd credit my account the difference in the plan cost?

      The Rep, Kendra, told me her and her supervisor would do this for me. It's now apparent she was only lying because I told her I'd extend my contract and order a new phone. A sneaky lie to make me stay. Not happy. Cannot wait to get my account set back to contract expiration date to 12/2011. The status before I called and spoke to Kendra!

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          Help us to help you.  What was your original plan?  What was it changed to without your consent?  Did you get a new phone?  Do you currently have the new phone?  Exactly what happened?


          The more details you provide the better we can understand what happened and help you find a resolution.

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            Ha, that sounds familiar.  Maybe you and I are dealing with the same thing.  In my case, an ESN change resulted in a data plan change that according 3 reps and one supervisor "should have been caught and rectified" by the customer service rep who made the change.   In that same time period the data plan I was on stopped being offered by VZW which means it has to be a special request to a speical department to get back on an "inactive plan"...now, here I sit one month, 3 reps, one bill credit and one supervisor later waiting for VZW's special department to get my plan back to where I want it and they admit it should be...


            Not to mention that each time I have had to call and follow up despite promises by each rep to let me know when the problem was resolved...on two occasions the system shows "case closed" however nobody bothered to tell me!


            In any case, I'm somewhat pleased and happy that VZW has thus far been "trying" and has credited me the difference....not so happy that it's taken a month and counting to fix their own error...


            If your situation is anything like mine, I doubt you will get the help you will need here and would suggest that you need to be escalating your problems to a supervisor at VZW...

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              I have to agree with SuzyQ,  more information would be helpful to help us help you...  Please explain more.



              Sorry to here you had experienced your situation but from times to time errors do happen and I understand that  you did not enjoy the process that was required to get it resolved...   I am glad that you got the issue resolved


              I experienced a similar incident when my insurance for my device was removed when I did a contract upgrade for my Thunderbolt when I bought the device.  It took a couple of calls to get the situation resolved but the rep acknowledged it was a simple code input error that cause the feature to be removed...   In the end it took a about a month to resolve the issue and I understood because I have learned that in a large number of situation seems to follow the same pattern....


              It takes only a minute to make a mistake but usually it takes more time to correct it...   This is just how things works sometimes.

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                Hello jagjez92, I'm sorry to hear about the issues you experienced with your plan change and having this changed back to your original plan and contract date. As others have mentioned, we will need more details on what was changed. Changing your price plan does not extend the contract, but if you accepted an offer to add bonus minutes for a year or two, that may have extended your contract. This does not change your upgrade date. Please explain what exactly was changed so that we may further assist.



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                  My orig plan was 250 texts for 5.00 per month. I called 3 days before my end date (16) to temporarily stop texts because I went over my limit that month and I didnt want to incur any more fees. The female rep told me she do this for me.

                  I reviewed my bill in January and found that I was now paying 10.00 per month for 1000 texts. I did not authorize the change in my plan!!

                  I called in January to find out why they changed my plan and Kendra assisted and lied to me as explained in my first post.

                  VERY upset and will take my business elsewhere!

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                    This has NOT been resolved!

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                      jagjez92 wrote:


                      This has NOT been resolved!

                      That part was directed to bigtitan's situation, now about your situation I asked the same thing as SuzyQ for additional information because your post did not supply enough information to give a correct response sorry for the confusion...


                      Now in reply to your followup post, it appears like this was a miscommunication error and may not been intentional..  Since you reported you called to investigate the change, what was the response you received?  It helps if you give all info related to situation if you require assistance...


                      What was the response you received fro CS when you called?

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                        Jagjez92, I can certainly understand why you would be upset over not being able to change your plan back. We no longer offer the 250 text package, which is why it was removed after you requested to block the feature. Depending on how long it has been since the change was made, we may be able to submit a request to have this changed back. Please send me a direct message with your name and number so I can complete this request for you.



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                          Not suprised that anyone else wouldn't be going thru this too. Kendra already told me she escalated it and worked with a supervisor. I am sure at this point was a lie. When I called back a week and a half ago I spoke directly to a supervisor and he told me there is nothing I can do. He suggested I post to this community board. What a way to please a long time customer, eh???

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