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    LG Chocolate Touch - What's the deal with the Data Plan?


      I know this question has been asked before, but most are from several months ago at least. I recently updated to a new iPhone from an LG Chocolate Touch. I was required to get the $10 basic data plan on the LG. I would like to give this phone to my Mom and she doesn't want or need the data plan. What is the CURRENT status on the LG Touch phone? I have seen in several forums it doesn't require a data plan, but I called Verizon Customer Service and he said "it does require at least a basic data plan" - $10 a month). I told him about seeing other posts in the Verizon forum from Verizon employees saying that the phone doesn't require a data plan... He said the document he was looking at was dated the end of Jan 2012 and it stated that it DOES require a data plan now. So which is it? I really fail to see why this phone ever needed a data plan in the first place, but I really want a definitive answer on this if I could. If there is a Verizon person that is willing to help me and my Mom on this, I would really appreciate it.






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