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    #BAL, #DATA, #MIN.....


      Since apparently Verizon has permanently installed these annoying contacts (if I'd known, I would not have chosen Verizon!) is there any way to, at least, move them to the bottom of the list so that I don't have to see them as soon as I open my phone?

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          Do you have backup assistant enabled?

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            It's there so I'm assuming it's enabled.  It suggests I sync it.  I've only had this phone a week and I'm Old!  :~/


            I went online and checked my contacts at Backup Assistance but the ones I want to delete were not there.

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              Ok you need to go into MyVerizon and remove them or go into your contacts on your phone hit menu button(3 line button) and I have a brain **** after that point. Should be something like display options. You can choose to not display Backup assistant options.

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                These are hard coded into the phone and then show up as SIM contacts if you delete them from the phone contacts group. I learned that after a factory reset and trying to delete them on the Thunderbolt.


                I got the Thunderbolt under a brand new account so I had no contacts through the Backup Assistant or My Verizon.


                I already had the same numbers saved on my Google account as Verizon numbers so they would all be grouped together and at the bottom of the list. So I linked the phone data, min and bal numbers to the Google ones.


                I also changed the display of the contacts to not show the phone contacts. Since these were the only contacts saved to the phone only, it wasn't a big problem to me.

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                  You should still be able to hide them as well as delete them. If they were hard coded then all 4G devices would be stuck with them :)

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                    I tried to hide them were they were listed as SIM contacts after I deleted them from the phone. For some reason the phone would not hide them.

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                      Ann...can you take me step-by-step?  They are indeed imbedded.  I have a google email account but I individually (one-by-one) added contacts to the home page phone.  These showed up perfectly....but with the seriously unwanted Verizon additions.  I can see no way to "hide" them.  But then, I'm new.  I've *searched* the internet and found that this is an issue that many are aggravated with.  I can choose to never open the "phone" on the home page but instead use "people".  :~(  I want it *my way" considering what I'm paying....if you know what I mean.  And thanks, Tidbits, for your replies.

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                        Sorry about the late reply.  I needed a moment to sit down with the computer and the phone to type this up.


                        This may depend on how your contacts are saved.  If all your contacts are associated with your Google, exchange, facebook, etc and none of the contacts are saved to the phone, it is a quick manner to hide the phone only contacts.


                        Open your People app and then press the menu button.  Now select "View".  The next dialog will have some different options for you.  Only with phone, sort options and finally it will list your various sources for your contacts and how many are in each.  The contacts that are came with the phone should only add up to six contacts (BAL, DATA, MIN, PMT, Global Support and Warranty) saved under the phone source.  If you have more than that then you need to save the contacts that you want to other source like your google/gmail account.


                        Once you have just the six contacts listed in the phone only, go back to People > Menu button > View > uncheck "phone (#)" to make those contact no longer viewable in the People app.


                        Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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                          Thank you so much!!!  I will try it tomorrow when I have more time.  I had

                          just decided to only use the "people" app and ignore the phone but that

                          seemed wrong too.  I made a point of NOT syncing them with Google/FB

                          because they were more than I wanted.  I soooooo appreciate you efforts to

                          help with this.  I know there's a way!!!