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    About freaking time!


      So glad there is finally a dedicated Rezound forum... thanks to the Jive powers that be for hearing our wishes and creating a forum for this wonderful phone.

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          I saw it last evening and was shocked myself.


          How's that ReZound working for you, demmo?  Finally retired the Eris?

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            Loving my Rezound!  Never would have guessed the difference would be so noticeable.  I keep meaning to flash one last ROM on the Eris and make it WiFi only, but I almost don't see the point.  The only thing I would really use it for is for music, but the Rezound sounds so amazing that I would much rather use it.

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              Demmo are having any of the issues one's are say there having with the Rezound after the Update

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                I have considered the Rezound even with all the bad talk about it that's been going around.  I would have to look at a resolution patch if I got one because the icons are smaller because of the screen having higher resolution...

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                  That is good to hear, demmo. I am finding I still like using the Tbolt as a wifi only device for Google Music and learning more things about my current phone (Nexus).

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                    I still like my Bolt and also use it for a WiFi phone, but I also still use it for my mahjong game. As Wildman said, the icons are smaller on the Rezound, but those mahjong tiles are tiny because of the resolution. Not old eye friendly at all.


                    Wildman, once again you've got my interest. Where would I find a resolution patch?


                    Edited to say I'm glad to finally see a forum for the Rezound. I didn't think it would happen. Also, the Rezound is a great phone, but just like the Thunderbolt, it can be hit and miss. This is my second Rezound and so far problem free. Again, like the Bolt, I wonder if there seem to be so many negatives because the people who are having problems are more vocal.

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                      No, fortunately, it runs a little warm with certain games, but otherwise things are going smooth.

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                        Honestly, I never noticed that the icons are any smaller, but coming from an Eris, with it's dinky screen, maybe I'm just used to it.  Within some apps, some elements look a little small, but I would have to imagine that will be straightened out as more developers include support for 720p screens.