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    Download music to Pantech Hotshot


      How do I download music from my computer to my Pantech Hotshot?  Can I download from iTunes?

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          Don't have that phone but if it has a memory card and you use one just pop the card in the computer and drag and drop to the music folder then put the card in the phone and songs will be there or at least that works for me on my ENV3 and I don't have to bother with hooking phone to computer.  Mary

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            Hello a1baker,


            Along with acraftlady's suggestion I would like to provide visuals for an additional option.  You can transfer music file from the computer to the device and vice versa by following the steps here  Please let me know if this helps you.  Thank you.





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              have a brand new hotshot.  Plugged it to pc, but no drive comes up for the phone.  How can I move pix from phone or music to phone?

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                Hi fosfam:

                I can help! Here are some comprehensive steps to transfer music to your Pantech Hotshot. Link: http://bit.ly/JWIOTV Please give these steps a try and let us know how they work out for you. Do you have an SD card in the phone? Keep us posted!


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                  be patient. when you connect, after a while an option should come up on the phone where your choose modem mode or mass storage. (if the option doesnt appear and you waited a long time, make sure the battery indicator thing in the top right is showing movement )(looking like its charging) or saying its charged. then go to tools and scroll down to usb mass storage and hit that and it should connect. if not then download the backup assistant plus desktop client from the verizon site. that will install the drivers needed if the mass storage doesnt work) to get the drives to add files, it needs to be in mass storage. if you dont have an sd card installed, then you are limited to a drive of only 10mb. if you do have an sd card, when it switches to mass storage, 2 drives will come up. choose the one that has the folders in it (if the sd card was formatted by the phone). then you see the pictures folder and what no t and you can copy the stuff to and from the card on the computetr.