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    Deleting email accounts - HOW DO YOU DO IT?


      I have a droid razr and I'm sick of getting notifications from my yahoo account that I have new emails when in reality it is posting OLD, DELETED (from the web account and the phone) emails over and over again.  I want to either turn off the syncronization, push, or delete the email from my phone entirely.  I can fine no place to do any of these things and I was hoping someone might be able to give me a clue.  I have fount the turn the push on and off option, but it is grayed out and will not let me make changes....this is driving me crazy and wasting my time.


      On a side note, I am getting multiple contacts listed from facebook and my mail accounts with identical names.  Is there any way to merge the duplicate contacts?


      I'd appreciate any help.  Thanks!

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          Hello scott_b! I can show you how to manage your email accounts on your Droid RAZR! From the main screen of your phone, go to Menu> Settings> Accounts> Click on the account you want to remove. This action will take you to a new page. Look to the bottom and you should see "Delete Email Account".



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            Okay, I have the same problem...I have done what you have instructed...on bottom of screen I have remove...which I clicked on and it brings me to a screen invalid credentials.....and that's as far as it will go.  I cannot remove the email address

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hi, Deb3009!

              I'm sorry you haven't been able to remove the email account from your device! Do you also have the Motorla Droid Razr? What email account is this? If this is Gmail, then a hard reset (http://bit.ly/L3Ov5r) must be completed to remove. Other accounts should remove like normal, however let me know so I can look further into this for you.

              Thank you!
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                This is also happening to me with my hotmail account. The reason I want to delete my hotmail account is becasue when I try to connect, I get the invalid credentials pop up box, so I thought of deleteing my hotmail account and trying to put it back in again. I'm also trying to connect my outlook 2010 which is synced to my hotmail so I can have my outlook calendar on my phone. Any suggestion on how to do this or the best app? One more thing (I promise!). Can you connect 2 separate outlooks account to the maxx? I have an outlook account at work but they only have capabilities of connecting to Iphone/iPads (grrr). Is there anyway around this?...just checking with you experts!

                Thanks in advance for anyone's help.

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                  I had my smartphone for only a couple weeks when I started to have problems with the e-mails.  I went into the Verizon Store and they looked at it and said they had to reboot the smartphone.  I would save the contacts in that I had a Sim card, but I lost all my Apps.  I can see your not going to be happy with that BUT....in rebooting my phone, I can't believe how fast it runs, just hardly touching the screen, bam I'm into whatever I touched.  I used to have to tap, slide and not get anywhere.  Highly recommend taking your phone to your Verizon rep and have them reboot it.  Well worth the time of having to go  back and add your Apps back in.  Only I would write down all my Apps so you don't have to search for them again.  All my email addresses came back in no problem with any of them now.  Good luck

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                    Thank you! I appreciate your prompt reply! If I have back up assistant + contacts, do I still need to save my contacts on my sim card and if I do, how would I do that?

                    Thanks again

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                      Your contacts are on your sim card...the only thing you will lose will be your apps...so write down the name of your apps so it will be easier to do a search when you have to load them up.  This will also go on your monthly data use when you reload the apps.  When you go into the Verizon store tell them you have a sim card....and they will take it from there.

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                        A list of your  Apps are saved in your Google Account.  Go to Gmail, go to Play tab, go to My Android Apps tab and they will all be listed there.  Have a nice day.

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                          sweet, i've seen that list at the top but never used anything but calendar. thanks for the tip.