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    no verizon wireless account but receiving emails....



      I'm from Belgium, of course I don't have any verizon wireless account.

      Yet, I'm receiving emails from  eAccountNotify@verizonwireless.com into one of my email accounts.

      Last one's subject was 'Thank You for Scheduling a Payment'

      That wouldn't bother me, I could just put them into spam, I'm concerned by the person who probably mistakenly registered with my email address and is missing his/her emails though.

      Could someone from verizon wireless contact  me?

      Thank you.

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          Best I would do is just ignore them. I doubt VZW would get too involved in finding out who that message is for as there is no identifiable information associated with the email.

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            Ok, thanks for the advice, will stick to that, I guess.

            I just thought someone from customer service could have helped because in the email content the last 4 digits of the subscription number were showing, plus I know the subscriber name from former VZW notification emails.

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              Hi tamika,


              I appreciate you taking the time to post this issue in our forum. I know that if I were the person missing those emails, it could really be a big deal. You are most likely correct, this is a customer who has the same email registered in their My Verizon account. Is this email from a verizon.com address or a verizonwireless.com address? If it is from verizon.com, the customer is most likely a customer of Verizon Communications. We do not have access to Verizon Communications accounts, so you would have to post on their forums. However, if the email is from verizonwireless.com, then I will do all I can to help you.


              I am not able to make any changes to an account without the Account Owner's authorization, but if you send me a DM with your name and email address, I will do all I can to locate this Verizon Wireless customer personally, and update their email address. This will allow them to get their correct email on file and their notifications. The best part is that you may no longer get the emails from a company that you do not have service with.


              Looking forward to hearing from you!


              Christina B

              VZW Support

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                Hi Christina,


                Sorry for the long wait on getting back to you, due to the time zones difference it was the midddle of the night for me when you posted .

                The email address both that customer and I are using isn't a verizon.com nor a verizonwireless one.

                Anyway, I will send you a DM with all details I have about this person, from the emails I formerly received.

                Thanks for your help and have a nice day (or night..)