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    Droid 2 Touchscreen issues


      I think this is one of the common problems of Droid 2.

      My Droid is having problems with its touchscreen. when i unlock screen to access phone, it seems to send 'taps' on the screen. yesterday it opened android market and went on clicking on some music album. fortunately it did not 'buy' anything. but since then i am not able to use my phone at all.

      if I rotate the screen horizontal then still i can see that it is sending 'tap' signal on some specific spots all the time.

      is there anyway we can stop it? can this be repaired?

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          Hi kiranmarathe:


          It sounds like you are having some hardware difficulty on your Droid 2. You may have tried this, but if you haven't, please pull out the battery for 30 seconds or so.Place it back in, and power it on. If you have a case on the phone, please remove it and clean the screen with a damp cloth or paper towel. If the issues are still present, feel free to DM me or call 866-406-5154 (Warranty Center).  We'll need to look at replacement options if this is a hardware problem.


          Best of luck,



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            Have already tried removing batteries and also cleaning up screen. did not work.

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              Yep, my Droid 2 running GB 2.3.3 is experiencing the same problem. It is intermittent. At times it works fine, then all of a sudden it starts tapping on things all by itself. I have also had a problem where it will not respond to my touches, and occasionally will work everywhere except for the menu "button". Battery pulls, and cleaning the screen hasn't helped me either. (Which leads to another thought...how do you do a battery pull on the Droid RAZR(s) or Droid 4 with fixed batteries?)

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                I don't know if the problem that you are having is the same issue that I run into every now and then.  However, I sometimes have trouble with the touch screen and the keyboard.  I was helped by Verizon to fix my problem so you can try it with yours too just to see if it helps.  Tap your menu button, manage apps, hit the ALL tab.  Scroll all the way down to "Multi-touch keyboard" and tap on it.  Tap on "force stop" then "ok". Then tap "clear data" then "ok".  Then tap on your home screen, try using your touch screen.


                Like I said, I don't know if it will help you, but I do that every couple of weeks to avoid any problems.  Good luck, I hope you find a solution!

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                  I am having the same problems as everyone else.  This started sometime early February, it would intermittently act up and then happen all the time.  I work in the tech field, so I approach these things on a troubleshooting matter.  Anytime my phone goes crazy, I hit the sleep button and wake it up with the slide.  The phone will work fine for 10 seconds or so.  I will skip most of the troubleshooting and get to my 1st semi-solution.  I found I had my Facebook app running all the time and it was causing this problem to be very chronic.  Once I killed off the program the phone would work perfectly fine.  But the touchscreen would have issues every once in a while, it doesn't so much act on its own, but it will stop responding for 10 - 20 seconds.  I have to put the phone to sleep and slide it awake.

                  I am seriously thinking that there was some kind of update that is causing this issue.  I will try to wipe the cache information from the touchscreen app.  But I am curious if anyone else having these issues would try to kill the Facebook process and try not to use it for a while.



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                    Hi DrOid2,


                    I'd love to assist you with the issues regarding your Droid 2. I know how detremental it is to have a working keyboard and touch screen!


                    Were you able to follow the steps supplied by myboysonly2002 as a fix? If so, what were the results?


                    You also have the option to download a keyboard application from the Android Market, to see if that resolves this for you.


                    Please try these troubleshooting steps and post back so we know your issues have been addressed and resolved.


                    Thanks and have a good day,


                    Christina B

                    VZW Support

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                      I did resolve the issues with the touchscreen successfully.  The combination of killing the Facebook app, and removing the battery for 30 seconds seem to make everything go back to normal.  I did attempt to use the Facebook app today, just to give the app the benefit of the doubt, and left its process in the back ground.  Moments later the touch screen started having hangups and issues again.  So I could only assume that there is an issue with the facebook app and the touchscreen process.

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                        I am also having touchscreen problems problems and I do not have the facebook app.  My phone is almost completely unusable.  It registers taps constantly.  It calls people on it's own.  It sends messages.  Just random stuff from random taps.  I took it in to my Verizon store and they did a factory reset.  That did not help at all.  I've had my phone for 18 months and the local store said to do an insurance claim.  That's it.  I've had verizon since it was Bell Atlantic Mobile.  This is my first phone to not make it to the end of my contract.  I'm really disappointed. 

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                          Having same issues for the second time with this phone and it's being replaced once again.  But now with a an LG Enlighten????  LOVE the Droid 2, but it phone just starts to fry out after about 6 months for me.  My boyfriend and I got our first Droid 2 phones at the same time...he went through 3(same issues, but quicker) and the Droid2 Global he has now is still good, but I'm not holding my breathe for the end of our contract.  Great phone, just disappointed. Again!

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