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    MIFI 4510L Problems?


      We bought a MIFI with 10g a month service contract.  Out of the box the MIFI ran slowly.  After the first week and several tech calls, we asked for a replacement unit.  We were assured that Verizon was working on towers, it was just a setting, it was my computer, then back to settings.  We asked for a new unit the first week, well let's just try one more fix.  Fast forward 9 months and MANY, MANY tech calls.  NINE months of excuses and speed checks.  Tech says that it is a defective SIM card.  Go to Verizon store and they have authorized a new replacement.  Verizon store says they don't work with Verizon online and we have to pay $25. We pay.  This doesn't fix the problem.


      I teach online.  I depend on good Internet connectivity.  Sometimes my MIFI goes at an okay rate, but most of the time not.  The biggest issue, besides being slow,  is it just turns itself off. This happens approximately every 10 minutes.   It is always plugged in and will not hold a charge.  Never has held a charge from day 1.  I have NEVER been able to download an entire video.  It takes approximately 15 minutes to download 10 songs off Itunes. In fact it sometimes takes 2 minutes for Google home page to load.


      So today, I ask for a new MIFI.  Enough of this.  Was told I would get a refurbished same model.  Uh no.  Why?  Because they only give new inside of 30 days.  We asked inside of 30 days for a new one.  What did we get for our patience and willingness to let Verizon tech fix the issue?  A kick in the pants and then this from the tech when I started to argue ... "ROBIN, ROBIN, ROBIN" repeated over and over.  The tech wouldn't let me speak.  I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told too bad, they said, nothing more they could do.


      I am attending a large conference next month.   I will happily set up my MIFI and laptop for all to try and experience the pure frustration of what is the state of the art equipment from Verizon.  I will also have available, my call log and dates, along with requests for a new MIFI.  Shoot - I may even hang a sign from some helium balloons telling people to come on over.   I will show my monthly usage never topping 5g because I can't get the Internet to run fast enough. 


      In canse you are wondering - My laptop - state of the art and works just fine using any other wireless than my MIFI.