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    RAZR occupied by MOTOCAST


      When I got my RAZR I could at least get pictures off it but since MOTOCAST got slammed on it I can't get anything off it at all. This app took over my files and I want them back.

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          What do you mean: "since MOTOCAST got slammed on it"?

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            Motocast doesn't touch your files on your device or on your computer...


            All Motocast does is allow you to stream from your computer(if you have Motocast/Zumocast) on your computer.

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                Tenusernames, I can see how Motocast/picture issue can be perplexing. I would like to ask if you have taken these steps to install Motocast:


                1. From the home screen touch Apps icon 
                2. Touch Gallery

                3. Access MotoCast from the Gallery app

                4. On the MotoCast setup screen, touch Setup now

                5. On the Install screen, connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable to install MotoCast, or you can touch No USB Cable? to follow instructions to install MotoCast via http://www.mymotocast.com/

                6. Follow installation wizard's instructions

                7. Create a MotoCast ID with a secure user ID, password and full name

                8. You will be prompted to set up your computer to share content. Sign in and click Next. Choose content to share with your device. Click Next.

                From your PC can you go to programs>moto mobility>motocast.  Is MotoCast it installed? Also, just as an fyi MotoCast supports XP Professional SP3 or higher only and your computer needs to be on, and not in hibernate or sleep modes for you to be able to connect to it and you must be logged in to MotoCast.


                If you take these steps and keep these tips in mind I am certain this will resolve you MotoCast/picture issue. I hope this helps. Thanks.



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