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    How to cancel service




      Just wondering if you can cancel a verizon service on line or do you have to make a call. Let me know what the best way is?





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          As far as I know, you can only cancel a service by calling them.  You can sign up for any and everything online but cancelling is a different story...I could be wrong but that is my understanding.


          Someone told me once that if you move your number to another carrier and you are out of contract that your VZW service will cease but in any case I would play the "guessing game" because you don't want to stuck with a surprise bill at some point....Just call them!

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            Cancelling a contract must be done by phone or in person since there will be a cost to do so. Cancelling a part of your contract, such as getting apps automatically, can be done on line. I should add that if you jump to another carrier, there will be a cost in cancelling your contract and should be done by phone or in person.

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              Good Evening Dale! You have the option to cancel your service by contacting customer service by phone; however, we definitely don't want to lose your valued business. Was there a specific reason for your consideration? We would appreciate the opportunity to offer options to retain you as a customer.




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                I want to cancel my service also. I have already ported my number over to another carrier, but my VZ phone is still active. Don't want to call because I don't want to have to listen to the pitches, pleas or "bargains" they will give me to try to keep my business. Bottom line: I got ******* due to incompetent sales personnel and I refuse to get stuck with the bill for their mistake. 25% DOESN'T CUT IT AND I WANT OUT!!!

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                  When you port your number to another carrier, your account is automatically canceled.

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                    Ann, I am highjacking this thread for a moment. I installed that update a few weeks back. NO issues. And no other issues since that app caused a problem. SG3 still is an amazingly performing phone. I've dropped it many times, sometimes violently. No breakage.


                    I am so satisfied, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Love it! (spelling........no Swype on this tablet).


                    Moto could have gotten that sell........but we don't need to go there.


                    I don't read this forum anymore. I leave the troubleshooting to those that know more than I and, quite frankly, the complaining and whining and irrational behavior of many is a waste of my time.


                    Kudos to those like you and Wildman and the others.

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                      call but plan on getting hit with a fee for early cancel.


                      don't pay it & it'll affect your credit rating.

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                        Wireless phones are not subject to affecting your credit. Verizon Wireless does not report non-paying or paying phone accounts, no cell company does.

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                          Are you 100% sure about that?

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