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    Beeping during phone conversation


      I have had my Razr for about a month and just recently noticed that during conversations I'm hearing a beeping in the background.  The other party can't hear it only I can hear the beeps.  I have read the other blogs and have changed my roaming settings and tired *228 option #2 to no avail.  I later read that with the 4G the *228 doesn't work anyway.  Anyone have any thoughts?   Thanks

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          Do you have call wating activated?  That will cause a beep when someone is trying to call in while you are on a call.


          Some text messaging apps have a notification that will beep to notify you while on a call.


          Low battery?  Timing (beeps once a minute or once every 5 minutes as a reminder)?


          Just throwing out possibilities...

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            Thanks but investigated all, no texts were coming through, I use the text app that was supplied with my Razr.  When a text comes through it's a different tone.  The low battery tone is similar but my battery was at 90% on the most recent call and 80% on the one before that.  Call waiting tone is very similar but doesn't beep as often at this particular tone. I didn't have any incoming calls or missed calls when I was on these conversations. 


            Driving me crazy!  Thanks for the input though.  If anyone else has other thoughts I'd appreciate hearing them.

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              The only thing I can tell you is you're not alone.  I don't have the problem but there's a rather lengthy thread about it here.  Some claim to have found things that fixed it, so maybe it will help you.

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                Just FYI I have been hearing those beeps also.  Going to the thread above, Thanks Sally.

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                  Thanks for the recommendation Sally, but unfortunate for me, none of the solutions worked.  I remember on my DroidX, there was an option for this problem but can not find it on the RAZR. 

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                    I'm not sure what the option was fixing since it sounds to me, from reading this, like nobody can agree on what's causing it. 


                    I did notice that NetDoc77 wrote today (post #72) that "This just in from Verizon. Motorola is aware of the issue and releasing an update mid-February to fix!"


                    Just because someone posts it, doesn't make it true.  But for your sake - and lots of other folks - I hope it is.

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                      Hi pdfb,


                      I'm sure that hearing these beeps on your call is something you can do without, correct? I'd like to help you with this. Please try a master reset on the device, and if you are still having this issue, please feel free to send me a Direct Message(DM) and I can assist you further. Here are the steps for the master reset on the RAZR.




                      Thank you and have a good day,


                      Christina B

                      VZW Support

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                        I am having the same issue, and its driving me nuts!! I have tried to turning off the voice privacy to see if that was what it was, but no such luck.  If anyone figures this out, I would sure like to have a resolution!!

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                          @mediclady, you and a lot of other people.   If you follow the thread I posted, there are many with this problem. They are told to do resets and other things but nobody seems to have found "it" although some folks seem to have gotten rid of the beep (at least as of the time of their posting).


                          @pdfb, if what ChristinaB_VZW recommends works, or if you DirectMessage her and get a solution, many folks would appreciate a post back here as to what fixed your problem.  Otherwise, I'm afraid it's looking like one more rabbit hole.


                          I don't have the issue, so I have no experience in this.  I just have read a lot of messages from some very frustrated people and hope there is a well published answer soon.

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