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    People I call, can't hear me!


      I've had the Droid Bionic for almost 2 months and love it, but now all of a sudden people I call can't hear me.  It just started today, both with incoming and outgoing calls.  I can hear them fine, but they say I sound like I'm under water.  Anyone else having this problem????

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          People can't hear you? That's a bummer! Do you know if this happens with using the Speakerphone too? Have you recently started using a case/cover for your phone? That could be covering up the microphone. If the device also has the latest software (Settings>About Phone>Software Update), then it could be hardware related. If you continue to have issues, please direct message me for more help.


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            No, the speakerphone actually works.  Not very practical to have to answer it with the speakerphone turned on all the time, especially in a crowd but yes it works.  I do have a case, but I've had it on for weeks with no problems.

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              Hi beleafer,


              I'm sorry to learn that this issue is still occurring. I know how important this would be to me, so I assure you that I understand how important it is to you. I will be providing you with some troubleshooting steps to see if we can get this resolved for you.


              When receiving a call, please turn on speakerphone, then turn it right back off, and see if your earpiece audio works and the other party can hear you. If this is the case and they can hear you, a master reset should be performed.


              When doing a master reset, remember to back up your data on the PC first (step-by-step instructions will be provided in a link below). Also, please unselect the option to restore settings via Google account (settings -> privacy -> back up my data & automatically restore should both be unchecked), then do the factory data reset on the device.


              Here are the steps for the master reset:




              Please post back with your results. I want to make sure that your issue is resolved.


              Thanks and have a good day!


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                I have the same problem with Samsung Fascinate. Always the other party can't hear even though I shouting into the microphone. When I bought it, it worked fine. I've tried the multiple suggestions that people in this community have offered with no luck. About an hour I tried talking with a friend about airline travel details. She couldn't hear me. I went home and called her on land line. What's the point of having a phone?



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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  How old is your phone cj47? If you have indeed try everything including a master reset as noted above, we need to look into replacing your device. It's not something we want you to put up with at all.  Dialing *228 and choosing option 1 is also a viable troubleshooting tip.

                  Please follow and DM me ( MikeS_VZW ) with your phone number so we can research your replacement options together.


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