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    My Pc not recognzing HTC Rezound


      I was having a problem with my Droid 2 not showing up in Verizon Music Manager (which is now Backup Assistant Plus?)  It was having other issues so I upgraded to the HTC Rezound.


      This phone is also not showing up in the Backup Assistant menu and I am unable to transfer music to it.  I've tried using the VCast Music Manager on the phone but it times out/will not start.


      I checked with "My Computer" and it shows a "HDD Q" but it is unaccessable.  I've enabled the phone to act as a Disc Drive when connected to a computer.  All of this has been for not.  I've tried multiple USB outlets, and while the phone will charge off USB, it is still not recognized by the PC.


      I saw mention in other threads that the Rezound takes a LONG time to be recognized, but after hours of trying and no results I'd guess this isn't what I"m dealing with.


      Any help is appreciated

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          I'll add that I'm using a Intel i5 at 4.5 ghz, 16gb DDR3 ram and Windows 7 Professional 64b

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            I think (I have never actually used Vcast music manager, I just drag and drop my music) that you have to connect your phone using the PC Sync mode.  Otherwise, it is just seen as USB mass storage.  Of course, I could be wrong about this.

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              I also don't use any of the apps or software from Verizon or HTC. Just plug it into the computer, set it for disk drive, open view the files and drag and drop. It will show up as two separate, consecutive USB drives like G and H.


              The only things I can think of are possibly the drivers. Have you gone into Device manager when the Rezound is plugged in? Mine shows up under Drives as two usb drives. You might check to make sure they are showing up and that there are no warning symbols next to them. Check their properties and try updating drivers. If the drivers are up to date, you might try deleting them and rebooting to let the computer find and reinstall them. If you have anything in there for VCast, I'd delete that. If you have the VCast music manager running, I'd shut it down in case it's conflicting.


              That's about all I can think of at the moment. The computer normally does take a long time to find the Rezound and list the two drives, but it did it very quickly tonight.


              Good Luck

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                try going to htc's site and finding the drivers for the rezound and downloading them. i used to use vcast to sync music, but that was 5 years ago with an old flip phone. i also just drop and drag now. however, i was doing something with my tbolt about 6 months ago that did require downloading the drivers for it from htc. if i recall it was pretty simple.

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                  I tried downloading their USB drivers, but it changed nothing.


                  I've triend mounting it several more times, my computer is just not recognizing it so I'm starting to think it's some setting on the PC side.  I'm not quite sure why it doesn't give me a pop up when I plug it in.


                  Thanks for the replies, but so far I've tried all of this and it's still not working.  Back to teh interwebs

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                    I just got the REZOUND and my computer recognizes it and the Backup Assitant Plus works fine.............too fine! I don't want to pay for the extra storage...lol !!

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                      my rezound has the same problem as listed above tryed all the options what else can i do?