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    LG Env3 - Can't hear the caller!


      Hey group,


      I've had my Env3 for over 2 years and it has worked perfectly.  No automatic shut-off like I've read on here.  My problem is that I now cannot hear the other person I'm trying to call or who has called me.  When I dial the phone I cannot hear the "beep" sound when I push each number of the phone number so that is a clue.  When I receive a call it rings, but when I hit SEND to connect to the caller I hear nothing.  People on the other end say they can hear me but I cannot hear them.  Ditto on me trying to call them.  Like I said, the numbers don't "beep" when I push them to make a call and I cannot hear the phone "ringing" on the other end like I did for the last two years.  I now have to flip open the phone and hit speakerphone in order to talk to a person, whether they call me or I call them.  Went to Verizon and the gal said my phone is out of warranty and I should just get an upgrade.  Great help that was.  Anyone out there have a suggestion or solution to this problem?  I can't say that I haven't ******* up something with my settings but I wouldn't think that it would affect my earpiece.  Help is appreciated.



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          Hello, I've had the same problem. My phone is an Env3. I got it from a family member, they have never had any problems. I got it in August 2011. A few months later, I couldn't hear people talking but they could hear me. It's been like this for 2 months and only once has it actually worked. Then I found out, if you open it up and put it on speaker, it would work! Just like your's. Just a few day's ago, it decided not to except texts. I woke up in the morning and about an hour after I got up, I got the texts. Now it's doing it again. Did your's do that too?



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            Thanks for the note.  I have been using the speakerphone option but it is annoying for everyone in the room or in the car to hear my conversation.  I haven’t had the problem with texts that you are referring to.  Mine always come in when someone sends them.




            Thanks again for trying to help me with this issue.





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              Thanks to the community and to you for posting. That is terrible that you are having those issues with your phone. First, I would like to address the issue of you pressing the buttons on the phone and not hearing the corresponding tones. What you are experiencing is an issue with the DTMF tones. Have you tried adjusting the DTMF settings on the phone? If not here are the steps to do so:



              From the main screen, press Menu.
              Scroll to Settings & Tools, press OK
              Scroll to  Call Settings press OK.
              Scroll to DTMF Tones, press OK.
              Select Normal or Long, press OK



              Second, the audio issues that you are experiencing are not normal. From your description it sounds like you are having “one-way” audio issues. That was a very proactive measure you took by going into the store. Do you know if you have insurance on your phone? Have you performed a master reset? That will erase everything from the device but it will most likely resolve your audio issue.  Here are the steps you can take to reset the phone:


              Restore Phone From the main screen, press Menu.
              Scroll to Settings & Tools, press OK
              Scroll to Phone Settings press OK.
              Scroll to Security, press OK.
              Enter Lock Code ???? displays,
              enter the 4 digit lock code ( default: last 4 digits of phone number ).
              Scroll to Restore Phone, press OK.
              Restore Phone - Permanently erases all contacts and user data. Resets phone settings to factory default. This phone will need to be re-programmed. Press <OK> to continue displays, press OK.


              Alternatively, if this measure doesn’t resolve your audio issue then I can file a trouble ticket for you. I would love to resolve your issue so please DM me if the master reset does not work. I hope this helps. Thanks.




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                I am having the same problem with my son's phone, and I have tried everything that SammuelP suggests and still can't hear a caller unless we have it on speakerphone. Can anyone help??

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                  Wow a new issue for this phone cropping  up?  Mine is over 2yrs and does not do this and hubby has a used one I just got him and it's fine so far.  Will be interesting to see if this is the phone or what.  Mary

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                    I too have the same issue and performed the reset. Samuel, can you please contact me to start a trouble ticket?

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                      Good Afternoon nando,


                      I know it must be frustrating when you can't hear your callers unless you are using your speakerphone feature. The issues you have described are likely hardware related to your specific device. Our best option would be to review your account for warranty replacement options or an upgrade.


                      Please DM us with your account information and we will be happy to review your options.







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