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    Deleting Frequently Called List on Galaxy Nexus


      Galaxy Nexus has a Frequently Called list.

      I find no function to delete the names and numbers in the list.  I am not too comfortable with that and would like to have the option to be able to delete the list.  I don't want an expansive list of numbers in there. 

      I've asked Verizon and Samsung and no one can give me an option. 

      The only way I could work around it was:

      Go into settings, apps, all, contact

      storage, clear data.

      This will remove all your contacts and the frequently called list. Your contacts

      will return in a few seconds so long as you have them stored with Google.


      However that just doesn't seem like a good way to have to go about it. 

      Is there anything coming down the pipe to make a correction to this? 


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          rfeng you need to talk to Google. The Galaxy Nexus or ANY of the Nexus line everything that is software is handled by Google. You need to put an enhancement request with them.

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            Thank you Tidbits.  Where is the best place to go to do that? 

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              @rfeng Thanks to you and the community for responding. I did do some research regarding your question and it seems like the steps you took are the only native way to delete the frequently called list. However, upon my research I did find an app that might help you. The link below will be able to take you to the market site where you can get information on the app. I hope this helps. Thanks.





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                Thanks Samuel,

                Tried Clearmaster...........doesn't work.  I've tried several different apps and they don't work.  Clears everything else but that.

                Must be particular to Galaxy Nexus. 

                I've put it out there on Google to see if someone comes back with a positive response.  I'm still not sure how to forward a product enhancement to Google though. 

                I believe that the quandary I am coming into is that I am almost at the end of my opportunity to switch to a different phone.  Due to the fact I need to have more direct control over my phone and what it does I can't completely say that the Galaxy Nexus is footing the bill.  

                There are things I like about it and if the issues I presented were tended to..........I'd stick with it.    but it's pushing me into a corner where I won't be able to say anything that positive about it.  I'm trying to avoid that by seeing if I can get someone to provide the solutions and lay all of this to rest.