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    why won't my phone charge anymore?


      two days ago my phone started to randomly go into car mode no matter how many times i exited that mode. It then continued to switch between different modes every so many seconds. I went to charge my phone shortly after and it was at 4% battery. I left my phone charging for 2 hours and the battery was at 2%?


      Now, i will plug it in and if i get lucky enough for it to begin charging long enough for me to get my phone turned on... it will say its charging for about 3 seconds before it stops again and then turns off.


      WHY IS IT DOING THIS?? this phone is not even a year old and its already screwing up.

      I don't want to go to the store if all they are going to tell me is that I need to call the insurance company. But the insurance company phones are all refurbished pieces of crap anyway that usually get messed up within the same time that this phone did. what should i do?

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          I know having device issues within the first year can be very frustrating. I do want to make sure this gets resolved for you. When the phone is connected to the charger, are you having to wiggle it around to see a charge begin? jimfitzgerald brings up a great tip! Have you tried a different battery? Also, only a recommended charger should be used, like the one provided with the phone originally. If all else fails, this appears to be something HTC would cover under warranty at no cost. If you continue to have issues, please message me for more assistance.


          Thank you!



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            i took it to a verizon store near me and they told me that the charging

            port was really loose. they sent me a new phone for free, but thank you for

            your suggestions

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              I have had the same thing happen.  Verizon gave me a new phone, no charge, new battery, no charge.... Now what?

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                Now let me sink this into my head:  New Phone , New battery, No Charge  but were is the new Charger in this Deal Usually you get a new charger the same time you get the phone an the Battery. Make this clear for me it's not making any Since at all.?