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    why won't my phone charge anymore?


      two days ago my phone started to randomly go into car mode no matter how many times i exited that mode. It then continued to switch between different modes every so many seconds. I went to charge my phone shortly after and it was at 4% battery. I left my phone charging for 2 hours and the battery was at 2%?


      Now, i will plug it in and if i get lucky enough for it to begin charging long enough for me to get my phone turned on... it will say its charging for about 3 seconds before it stops again and then turns off.


      WHY IS IT DOING THIS?? this phone is not even a year old and its already ******** up.

      I don't want to go to the store if all they are going to tell me is that I need to call the insurance company. But the insurance company phones are all refurbished pieces of **** anyway that usually get messed up within the same time that this phone did. what should i do?