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    Phone Not Authenticated


      My phone was working just fine all day yesterday but at night I was suddenly unable to make or receive phone calls, although texting and online capabilities are still working fine. Is there a verizon employee on here that I can give my info to and have it authenticated soon?

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          Hi ck811:


          I'm very familiar with phone authentication. An authentication problem can generally be fixed by powering your phone off and on. If that doesn't work, and it's a 3G device, you can dial *228 Send and choose option 1. If that fails, a quick call to tech support will resolve your issue. The direct number is 866-892-7957. You can also send me a DM through the forum, and I'll call you as soon as I can.





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            I need help getting my phone authenticated was told by verizon support that the phone was bad. i can get emails and use all browser functions but i cant make or receive calls or text messages can you help..