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    Verizon won't give me my money back!!

    Sue Phillips

      On December 30, 2011, Verizon pulled two payments from my checking account.  This overdrew my account.  Now, they are telling me in order to get my money back I have to wait ten BUSINESS days for some odd reason, or to EXPEDITE the return of MY money, I would have to send them a copy of my bank statement showing I am no longer overdrawn.  The reason they told me they need my bank statement is because "banks won't take money from outside sources if you're overdrawn".  In whose universe is that correct?  I'm not going to get my overdraft fee, I've already been told that, and I am supposed to get my money back on January 18.  A full 20 days after Verizon overdrew me.  They are also not going to refund the whole amount.  Only the amount that's left over after I pay a bill that isn't even due yet.  I cannot believe that a company would actually hold someone's money for that long, especially after they've been informed (at least three times) they overdrew me.  How long would they wait if my payment was sent back due to insufficient funds????  The story I'm being given is there is an "offline team" that takes care of these things and NO ONE has the number for them.  It all has to be done with forms.  I guess it's time to start lookiing for a new provider even though I never had an issue with Verizon until now. 

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          That is a colorful situation and also this explains why I am not into a autopayment agreement for any company.   I am sure it was a simple mistake but I feel your pain on what you was forced to have to deal with to get it resolved...


          Hope they get you all straighten out on the 18th like you reported...   Good Luck.

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            Verizon required me to place a deposit on my account saying I'd get it back within 6 months of service. It's been over two years and I still haven't be given it back. I've called and can't get an honest response; I get transferred to different departments who say different things. I contacted the BBB about this and Verizon said that unless my payment history is crystal perfect including advance payments they don't have to return it. I found out this information after complaining to the BBB, if this was their policy they never told me about it. I'd switch to a different provider but I doubt I'd get my deposit back because Verizon is basically holding it hostage so I stay with them. I wouldn't doubt that the "positive" feedback you're getting is in fact Verizon moonlighting as actual customers who are giddy about Verizon.

            Verizon did to a family member when we switched to "friends and family" what they are doing to you. Verizon overdrew over $500 bucks from the initial payment after the service was set up. They never gave it back and only sent rebates that didn't equal what they withdrew. This was of course acting ignorant to what they did. I love the fact that they say that those who make the decisions to remedy their mistakes which Verizon will never admit to are in fact, people you can't reach in anyway whatsoever. It's like some kind of hidden death panel if it even exists.

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              I, too find myself in the "we need to review your account before we can refund your money" group, which is TOTALLY ridiculous!!! VZW debited my account $596.48 on the first of Feb., after debiting my account $526 on January 28th. After I saw where they'd already taken what I owed them, I immediately canceled the first amount and they took it anyway. After calling in, I was told they would put in a "report" to the Treasury department and would call me back when they heard something.....I had to call back two days later because to dismay, they hadn't credited me back. This time, the representative told me that they would credit me back "within 10 days if I could provide them with a positive bank statement before the payment was taken"!!!! Why on earth would I have to provide a positive bank statement to get a refund from them when they took money that wasn't owed!!!!

              VZW should be ashamed of themselves and their practices. I will be contacting BBB about this.

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                I am not surprised by this type of activity by Verizon.  I have been doing battle with them since 2008 after being without a cell phone for 3 weeks when Hurricain Ike came through Houston.  I TRIED to cancel my account.  They refused to cancel it, but wanted ME to locate a neighbor that could take over my telephone.  I've had the same thing happen with AT&T.  Verizon 'dinged' my credit because I refused to pay for something I did not get.  Their excuse was, "sir, you have to pay the full bill, then we will give you a REFUND any overpayment.".  Yep, that's right...I should just give them my money and allow them to give me a refund.  We'll, I've seen that cup and ball trick before and I"m not going for it. 

                I switched over to StraightTalk and have been perfectly happy with it.  If I get to where I don't need it anymore, I throw the phone out the window and don't buy anymore minutes...that's it...no contract.  Verizon AND AT&T can kiss me where the sun don't shine!