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    Lg Enlighten Text Messages Marked with Lock Symbol Can't read Messages.


      Hi, this is my first time posting. I hope someone can help me with this issue. My texts from Verizon are locked with a small lock symbol and I can't read what the message says except the first sentence or so from the message preview page. This is very frustrating and so far only happens with texts from Verizon not from anyone else.  I did try doing a long press to bring up the menu on the actual message and the option to lock it was there which kinda surprised me since it already had the lock symbol on it. I tried locking it from the menu and then unlocking it to see if it would help but nope, it's still locked. All I see is the date and the white and green lock symbol right next to it. Hoping someone has some advice to offer. This is is my first smartphone so I'm still a newbie at alot of this.