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    Google Sky Map / Compass Issues?


      I've tried 3 different Razr's and Google Sky Maps and other compass related applications haven't worked with any of them!  However, my son bought a Razr a month or so before I did and his works fine.  Of course Verizon is quick to blame Motorola or Android, and Android and Motorola like blaming Google Maps, then Google blames Motorola, Android, etc. so my conclusion is that some of the Razrs' are simply defective!  It's obviously not software since I have the same software as my son does.  It's obviously not Google Maps as it works with his Razr and my Thunderbolt and so on.  And it can't be Google because it's not just Google Sky Maps that doesn't work... it's DISHPOINTER Pro Apps and other compass related apps..  And even though the regular "Compass" application in market "seems" to work... you will probably find out, as I have, that if it does, it's certainly not working right... at least on these select batch of phones or whatever.  I had a Thunderbolt prior to "upgrading" to the Razr, and the Thunderbolt compass and other apps worked fine but the battery life sucked!  Now today, my volume control on my Razr is going up at random, and I found that if I simply tap the phone, the volume control goes up!  So, I have about 5 more days left in my trial period to return this Razr and either go back to my Thunderbolt or do something different!  The Bionic has issues with the 3G in non 4G markets, so it seems it's always something!  Doesn't anyone have any quality control people any more or are they just too stoned to notice any issues before they put these $700 phones on the market?    Anyone else having similar issues or heard about any fixes or anything?

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          thought this would have been answered by now. It's a known bug, yada yada yada. nothing can be done at this time to fix, yada yada yada. not motorola's fault or verizon, yada yada yada, they won't talk to you about it so sit on a pike and spin, yada yada yada. The issue first came out with gingerbread on the X2. It was fixed a month later but there's pretty much no hope of getting the fix for GB on the razr. why? because they have your money and signature on a contract so they don't have to. Hope it gets fixed when and IF we ever get ICS.

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            I posted this same issue on the Motorola forum on December 28th, and have still not received any communication from Motorola regarding this issue. It is a real and known issue and is very frustrating. I'm hoping the RAZR MAXX that I get to replace my original RAZR will have this problem addressed, but honestly, I doubt it.

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              There may be a problem with the device or skymaps. Google has discontinued the Skymap project recently and it is now open sourced from my understanding. A college has the project source right now.

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                I copied and pasted this from a reply I got in the Motorola forum.  It looks like we may have the fix on the way after all. Below comments are not my own and do not represent my advice. Proceed at your phone's risk.

                "there is indeed an OTA coming in February but not sure if early, mid or late.  below is a link to a good thread on a real signed build from Moto. i was told this is the MR2 being tested at VZW.  It is real, it flashes via stock recovery on stock devices. It fixed all my problems; compass, google sky,hotspot and data drops.  i have posted this before and you can believe or not as i don't care.  just know this is real and it works.

                follow directions and you will be just fine. http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php/topic/411-unofficial-update-to-612173xt912verizonenus/

                you will also be able to receieve future OTA; again, believe what you want."

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                  Yesterday I was on the phone with Verizon on this exact issue. Because may downloaded "marketplace" compass worked, but other apps like google maps didnt,  it was determined that the phone hardware was OK.  They(Verizon Wireless) contaced Mototrola and was recommended to Verizon to pushed out an update onto my phone. It now works. Contact Verizon Customer Support.  Im not sure exactley pushed to my phone, if it was firmware or what,  but my phone has Android version 2.3.6. it could have been an internal phone updated.


                  It also changed some of my icons.


                  Ref a (my) call to Verizon cunsomer support. it was Friday Feb 10, around noon PST.

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                    grats, they gave you .173 which most of us had about a month ago. (it was leaked thanks to some good folks at droidrzr.com) The update is quite nice. My battery life has trippled making the whole "verizon ******* us over the maxx" thing much less important. I encourage all readers to visit forums like droidrzr and xda-developer and droidforum.net where you can find tons of information about how to take full advantage of the phone you own (in yet is purposefully handicapped by verizon/moto)