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    Droid RAZR keeps restarting


      My Droid is only 2 weeks old and tonight it just started restarting over every time you tried to do anything it just rebooted.  So I tried to use a backup app and it backed up about 2 item sets and then it restarted again.  So I decided I would just shut it down, went to power off it started to power down and just retarted once and then hung at the screen where it just has droid written in white and will not reboot at all. No restart or anything, just hung.

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          Hello kblausman,


          That sure can be frustrating. Was the issue resolved? If not, please send me a PM (private message) with your mobile number and I will contact you to assist you further.


          Thank you,


          Lena A.

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            My razor is doing the same thing this morning. Do you have a solution?



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              Try booting in safe mode and see if the issue still exist, if the problems goes away then this indicates a bad app causing the issue and then try removing last apps recently installed..


              Enable Safe mode

              1. Power the device off.
                Note Press and hold the Power button then select Power off.
                Power button
              2. Power the device on.
                Note Press and momentarily hold the Power button.
              3. When the Motorola Dual Core screen appears, simultaneously press and hold Volume Up / Down keys.
                Safe mode
              4. Continue to hold the Volume Up / Down keys until Safe mode appears in the lower left.
                Safe mode
              5. While in Safe Mode, remove the most recently installed applications.
              6. Power cycle the device then attempt to use the device.
              7. If the device works properly, install applications one at a time to identify the application causing the problem.



              Disable Safe mode

              1. Power the device off.
                Note Press and hold the Power button then select Power off.
              2. Power the device on.
                Note Press the Power button.
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                I am having a similar problem, my droid razr keeps restarting and I've tried pretty much everything. I even did a complete factory reset, wiping both the SD and the internal memory, and now the furthest I get is the screen where you you get pick your language and start the setup process. The phone says something like "preparing internal storage, this may take a few minutes." Then it powers off and starts up again. What should I do next? Is this a motorola issue or verizon issue?

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                  If you have tried all reset options and the device continues to not boot correctly it sounds like a hardware issue and the device may need to be replaced, I would contact CS about your issue.

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                    I called Tech support and they told me all the same things.  I have my THIRD handset in the mail now BOTH of them restarted themselves IN Safe mode and NO ONE can tell me why.  After tech support shrugging and determining it MUST be a hardware issue (when in safe mode its like a computer safe mode only the OS and necessary drivers start up no 3rd party apps are loaded [per tech support] if it restarts in this mode it is one of two things the OS or hardware).  I find it hard to believe after being a Verizon customer for 11+ years now I have only replaced 1 other phone, I got TWO that have hardware failures?!  no way.  I am forced to believe it is an OS/hardware interaction problem...this is some ****.  I went to the store and they said "Well since you have a lot of apps we dunno what it is" SERIOUSLY?!  their own tech support said it has to be hardware or OS problems since Safe Mode did NOT help so why the **** isn't the store on board with their own tech help?!  The manager (after I tore his head off, sorry dude) told me to give it a third go and if the "soft brick" or boot loop happens a THIRD time he'll trade me a different phone at no charge...since this is the best phone that fits my needs I am not overly pleased with THAT option either why cant they figure this out?!  What is going on?  Again after 11 years this has me thinking about changing carriers...this phone connects all of my OTHER techie toys and is excellent for my business that I operate from my living room.  I LOVE this phone when it works!

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                      After my Razr doing quite well for 3 days last night, I plugged it in to my computer to back it up just in case...I had just moved the apps to the other partition (they call it media storage but isnt that what the sd card is for?  otherwise of the 16G internal memory you are wasting 8G of it!) anyway, I had not moved anything over before this but the phone was telling me repeatedly that I needed to move some of the apps so I did and it worked fine no restarting itself.  I plugged in to the computer and BAM that it was **** reboot screen as I held my breath and began to pray for this friggin phone to work it...didnt.  kept restarting (this is the THIRD SET)  I went to the store this morning and an awesome manager there named Nate traded my Razr straight up no restocking fee no nothing for a Galaxy Nexus.  Now he and I are BOTH praying that issue will not repeat itself for if it does I may have to jump ship on Android and go with an iphone (I feel so dirty for saying that).  I LOVE google and Chrome is my favorite browser so, I am really hoping I love this Nexus as much as that browser.  They are fully integrated with each other which is very cool.  I am installing all of my apps on it now and will then plug it in to add music to it and see how that goes but, yes I still am praying everytime I plug this phone in to the computer or everytime I take a **** call that it wont just cut out and keep rebooting!

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                        I was having the same issue.


                        I found it to be an app from the amazon app store.  I haven't narrowed down which one.  But it appears on this phone they can cause it to stall and reboot.  Probably a memory leak as mine would have issues after 12-16 hours and reboot 5-6 time before running ok again.  Usually during the issue it would boot up with a black back ground and not let me change it.  Also sometimes would loop the boot animation till I did a force reboot.

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                          Not sure if yours was the same issue but definitely has similar aspects.  I

                          narrowed mine down to 1 of 2 things...1. moving the **** over to the media

                          storage area (it started a continuous reboot about 2 hours later) 2.

                          plugging it in to the computer all 3 times mine did the fatal dance of

                          reboot it was while it was plugged in to my computer.  I got a REALLY GOOD

                          manager at the Verizon store and he offered me what ever phone I wanted

                          basically just to stop this issue understand of course I have been with

                          this store and Verizon for 11 years now and I run a business and my husband

                          is an Active Duty soldier (a HUGE deal up here in the Pacific Northwest) he

                          just wanted me to have something that would work for me as I wanted also.

                          SO, long story...we longer I guess =0) Is that 7 days ago I traded my Razr

                          in and since I could not stomach the thought of an iPhone at all I got the

                          Nexus and come to find out I LOVE IT!  I love it MUCH MUCH more than the

                          Razr.  I was so stuck in my Droid bubble (after having owned the OG  Droid

                          that I loved) that I refused to hear about the Nexus that the sales chick

                          tried to talk to us about like I knew what I wanted and that was it.  But

                          this Nexus is kicking the  Razrs butt big time in my book.  I love Chrome

                          and it totally syncs with it.  Not to mention I don't ever back up my phone

                          (nothing) it all is SYNCED with my Google Profile...serioulsy?! I so did

                          not know about that before this mess (I read up on it after talking to the

                          manager on the phone (again Nathan from Puyallup Verizon store ROCKS) he

                          told me to study up and figure out which one I wanted so...I am VERY sorry

                          you are still having those issues with the Razr I feel for you completely

                          but I just couldn't deal and tagged out.  Maybe you should give that a go

                          if it is possible...if not again I am sorry and I'll keep this e-mail in

                          the even I find something out that may help.  Good Luck with your Razr...

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