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    Transferring music to my Galaxy Nexus

    Tony Mobley

      I have almost 500 songs from my Incredible that I want to put on my Nexus.They are all on an sd card.Can someone PLEASE help me out and tell me how to do this? Thanks in advance.

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          1. connect incredible to pc

          2. copy songs from inc to pc

          3 disconnect inc form pc

          4. connect nexus to pc

          5 copy songs to nexus

          6 disconnect nexus from pc

          7 listen to music

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            Tony Mobley

            Thank you very much!

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              I'd also suggest you look at the Google Music service.  If you have a PC and can copy all of the songs off the Incredible, then just download the PC Google Music app and upload all of those songs to the Google "cloud" for free.  Then you can run the Google Music app on your phone and stream that music whenever you want.  I had over 25 Gb of music collected over the years and ripped to MP3, and I've now uploaded it all to Google Music and can stream it from my computer, laptop, tablet or phone anytime I have at least a WiFi connection.  If you are going to be offline for a while (i.e. on a plane), there is a "save local" option to store select songs or playlists locally on your phone temporarily.

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                Hi Mpinter. You look astute in this area so I thought I'd ask for your help. I have a Galaxy Nexus and a Microsoft Zune Pass/Player. I've tried copying and pasting/ dragging/dropping my downloaded music in my PC folder to my Nexus' Music folder to no avail. Am I missing a step? I want to utilize my Nexus as my sole music device and am eventually cancelling my Zune Pass. Many thanks! Please send reply to (removed personal email address as per VZW ToS...you can send a Direct/Private Message instead) . Thanks! Paul


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