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    can't send picture in a text message


      I'm new to the windows phone and i have taken some pictures and tried to send to various people and it kicks back and says "can't send message-try again" i have made sure i have the area code saved on all my contacts but still can't figure out why i can't send a picture.....any ideas?

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          I have the same problem any answers would be helpful

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            I reset my phone completely and it sent pictures again. But eventually the problem persisted. 

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              Reset a second time and it does not send pictures still. I am calling support to see if i have some sort of block on it.

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                To send pictures, you have to have MMS enabled on your phone contract.  My guess is that you perhaps only selected SMS?  To be honest, I would have assumed SMS/MMS was bundled together...but Big Red's got to make a buck.


                Also, ensure that you are getting a data connection.  If you only see bars and a 1x, then you're not going to be able to send photos via text message.  You can only send them if you have bars and a 3G.  Activating Wifi doesn't help because Verizon (unlike T-mobile) doesn't offer VOIP services.


                Honestly...if it weren't for the fact that Verizon is our corporate provider, I wouldn't even use them for mobile service.  I like how they use the community channels to just let us all vent at each other.  It's brilliant - this way, they don't even have to provide customer support...we do their job for them.