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    Watching NFL Playoffs on Phone - free ??


      There have been ads stating that the Playoffs will be able to be watched on our Mobile device for FREE starting with this w/e's Playoffs. Has anyone confirmed what is required to do that? e.g., Do we install the NFL App that usually costs $$ to use?  I really don't expect great quality with the APP over 3G but thought i'd give it a try to see if it improved over it's original release in 2010 (which was horrific) - since I'll be on the road during the 1st game.



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          i'm not sure but the fine print in the ad may have mentioned that this is for LTE/4g devices. those devices get the nfl app for free for "this season." i think they are just adding the playoffs to that.


          go ahead and try it though. if it doesn't ask for payment then check it out. i have LTE but often times watch it on 3g and while it isn't great, it's at least football on my phone!!!! (wifi and 4g do seem to stream better, but 3g is definitely watchable).