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    Where are my contact phone numbers?


      How can I download my phone contacts from Verizon Backup Assistant to my new iPhone4?  Verizon's website says Backup Assistant is not compatible with my new I-Phone.  Have I just lost 125+ numbers???

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          Let's answer the last question first...




          Okay, now for the first question...


          Yes, there is a way to transfer your BA contacts into your iPhone (you should have never used BA in the first place, but that's another subject) (and yes, there are much better alternatives to BA which you may not have been aware of, but again...).


          I'm not certain of the process, but I'd take the phone to a Verizon store and let them do it. They should have done it for you at the time you bought the phone, or at least offered to.


          Also, doing a search online will most likely turn up some methods of transferring your contacts, although it might be a little clumsy.


          Good luck, Geri O

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            i seen a app that can be down loaded to iphone so it will work on verizon back up  cant say it works for sure but i got the iphone on order and have almost 200 people for my job my. phone i got now is still workn fine so if any one knows a better way to save the numbers or move them over please let me know. I do not have a good verizon store near me the place in area will pry charge me a bundle to do it since they just sell the phones i did order over the phone or i would have paid more from them

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              I'd like to set the record straight on Backup Assistant for the iPhone. Technically it's not compatible with an iPhone, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you. It is very helpful to move your numbers over.


              Here's what you'll need to do:

              1) Back up your old phone using Backup Assistant (www.getbackupnow.com for steps and assistance).

              2) Once Backup Assistant is installed and has backed up your contacts successfully, we're ready to get rolling on the


              3) Activate your iPhone (consult the material included with your iPhone for these steps).

              4) Once your iPhone is fully operational, download an app called VZ Contact Transfer from the App Store.

              5) Follow the step-by-step instructions after installing VZ Contact Transfer, and it will communicate with the Backup

                  Assistant server to transfer all of your contacts that were backed up to your iPhone.


              *Note: These steps are the same for the iPhone 4/4S. Once VZ Contact Transfer has done its job, you'll need to find an alternate backup method such as syncing with iTunes, setting up Gmail as an exchange server to sync the contacts, or simply configuring iCloud. The reason to find this alternate backup method, is VZ Contact Transfer is not a permanent means of backing contacts up, and will be erased in approximately 30 days from installation.


              I hope you find these steps useful.  Please feel free to post questions, results, and comments.





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                Well, I'm still unsuccessful in getting my numbers back.........however, I'm sure it's because my phone is already activated.  I know your answer is right, but I think I'm stuck to manually adding them again. 


                If you should happen to know how I can delete an Apple ID that I typed in wrong, let me now.   I entered the correct one also, but the one that keeps popping up on my phone is the incorrect one.  It keeps me from accessing APPS.

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                  Thanks for following up on this.  As far as your contacts go, you can go to www.getbackupnow.comand sign in using the My Verizon sign in information for that specific phone number. If your contacts are online, you can export them to an a .csv file and import them into a service like Gmail and then sync Gmail with the the the iPhone. Essentially if your contacts are backed up on the Backup Assistant website, you'll be fine. Backup Assistant Site> Gmail. Gmail> iPhone.


                  To clear out your incorrect Apple ID, go to settings> store> sign out of current ID. Sign in with correct Apple ID.


                  Let us know if that works.





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                    thanks for the info.


                    i always seems to do something stupid and lose all my contacts..super annoying.


                    thanks again!