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    *228 not working - "The number or code you dialed is incorrect"


      Just upgraded to the 4s, and troubles out of the gate. Everything set up fine, but I can't activate it. *228 gives me an incorrect # message. I called support and they sent me up to second teir, where the girl had me just reset the phone twice, then told me there was a problem with 'delayed activations' (wow, you really think I'm stupid) and that I'd have to wait for service. So basically i have an iPod Touch now until someone figures this out. First problem ever with Verizon, and not being able to use my phone at all is a pretty big one. Thanks for pushing me off the phones, tech support.

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          I'm having the same exact problem. And I was just on the phone with tech support and I was told I would be called back and I haven't been. I don't know what to do to fix it.

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            Having same issue with my daughter's IP 4S.  Just received it today and already I have not been able to activate it using the *228.  Had tech support on the phone for 15 min. Removing S-card does not work, nor does re-setting the phone.  Was told others are experiencing the same problem.  I am still waiting for the obligiatory text, letting me know service has been restored,  This will not be an easy fix I am guessing!  I have been waiting over 4 hours.  Good luck all you new iPhone 4S users, it is a fabulous phone when it is working, got mine two weeks ago and love it!  Hopefully all will be up and running soon.  Oh Verizon :smileysad:!!! :smileysad:

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              Not sure if the issue is related to what area you are in or if it's solely and issue with the 4s, but I just tried dialing *228 from my iPhone 4 and had no problems. Hopefully things will begin to work for you all soon. I think some have mentioned that they are having 4G/3G data issues in their areas (no issue where I am but it was running a little slowly earlier today when I was in the Atlanta area...it worked and it wasn't unbelievably slow but I noticed it was a little slower than usual)...not sure if that could have anything to do with the *228 issues you all might be experiencing though.

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                I just got mine today also, and have the same activation problem. When I spoke to the tech support rep they said it has to do with the 4G outage up and down the east coast. I had them re-connect my droid that I was swapping from and they said to continue to check before trying to re-activate the phone if the outage was still happening. As of last check a few minutes ago, it was.


                Highly disappointing. I've been a huge verizon fan for years, and this is the first issue I've ever encountered with them.

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                  Same problem here in Richmond VA. @ 9:30pm

                  Went to the corperate store and they said it has been everyone that got their 4S today (December 28th, 2011). They were as clues as us. I asked them what they were told to say and they said nothing. They were given no iformation except that the server is down and keep trying *228.

                  However i gave my daughter my iphone 4 and they were able to set up her phone number on that phone. 

                  I can't believe more people aren't going crazy over this.

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                    :smileysad: Day 2!  Still having trouble activating my daughter's new iPhone 4S.  While I realize that Verizon is working to correct this issue, it is extremely frustrating. Dialing *228 to activate tells me "I am unauthorized to make this call."  I have a feeling this may take more time than originally thought!   I am still waiting for the courtesy text alert that the problem is resolved!   Very disappointing.,  iPhone 4S' already activated prior to yesterday, seem to have no problems, since mine is working just fine.  My husband has an HTC Thunderbolt, no 4G service, day two!  We live in New Jersey.  Come on Verizon! 

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                      I was in the store yesterday for over an hour.  The tech support person was completely befuddled by why she couldn't get the phone to activate.  Was told it should be resolved by midnight last night...guess not!  I dunno if I'm comforted that others are having this problems or ticked off.  Mainly the latter, I think.  As others have said - I've had Verizon for about 10 years and have never had a single problem between billing, tech support and everything.  This is so frustrating.  Might as well not even have the phone!  Please report if you are able to get your phone activated.  I'm in Richmond, VA, btw, if that makes any difference. 

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                        "We are investigating reports of some customers experiencing trouble accessing the 4GLTE network. The network itself continues to operate and all customers continue to be able to make calls, send text messages and utilize data services. 3G devices are operating normally."

                        I have no service at all. I was trying to activate my new 4s and my old phone won't work now either. I love Verizon and this is the first problem that I've had with them. I'm upset that this is the only communication that we can get from them. It would be nice to get some type of update on the situation.

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                          Just tried *228 on the 4S and it is still not working.  Talked to Tech Support last night and was told a fix should be in by midnight; I guess they are a few hours late.  Interesting that when looking at the carriers under settings only T-Mobile and AT&T appear.  Is Verizon trying to tell me something?  It appears that the Iphone with Verizon is a glorified paperweight (and an overly expensive one at that).

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